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While Disney does not have casinos aboard its cruise ships, there are definitely adults-only activities. On each of the four Disney cruise ships are nightclubs and cabarets, live music venues, karaoke, sports viewing and more. The nightlife is active, and alcohol is certainly permitted, albeit for an additional charge. Disney Cruise Lines does not have casinos on their ships. What is interesting is that they are one of the highest rated mass market cruise lines and they apparently make money. Hank. Link to post Share on other sites. LHT28. Posted June 17, 2015. LHT28. 40,000+ Club; Members; 44,846 posts; GTA, Ontario, Canada Share; Posted June 17, 2015. I do not think Viking Oceans ship has a casino. Link to The reason why Disney cruise ships do not offer casinos on board, is because these cruise ships are designed with families in mind. Casinos are usually meant for gambling, which means its a primary place for adults, so no kids allowed. Disney crui... The Disney magic is sprinkled over all the guests on a Disney Cruise. There were no guests walking around drunk…there are no all-you-can-drink alcohol packages. No need to fast walk through the smoke of an on-board casino…there is no casino. I especially appreciate the multigenerational nature of the other cruisers being in the same life stage as me, including grandparents, parents and no there is no casino on the Disney Cruise. There is adult areas like people have been saying. Yeah playing bingo, doing the silent auctions are the only way to get rid of the money. 0 0. Austinite. Lv 5. 1 decade ago. No, there is no gambling on Disney Cruises. But keep in mind that most cruise lines are kid-friendly. It might be a better option for you to go on a non-Disney cruise if Plus cruise ships now a days are huge and have a ton of things to do. I have been on many cruises where I did not even see the casino. 7 days was just not enough time to do everything they offered Disney currently runs four cruise ships, and three more vessels are on the way between 2021 and 2023. With an eventual total capacity of more than 21,000 passengers among the seven vessels—each Disney Cruise Line does not have casinos on any of their ships. This includes the Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy. Disney Cruise Line is known for being very family friendly, and the lack of casinos is to keep up with that image. If you are aboard a Disney cruise and need your gambling fix there is bingo. There are some large payouts on Disney Cruise Line's bingo, including a final 2) Should I take a Disney Cruise without kids? Singles, couples without kids, and empty-nesters might all be wondering if it makes sense to sail with DCL. There are some absences in Disney’s amenities (no casino, for example) that are standard on other cruise lines. Additionally, Disney takes a different approach on other amenities. Cruise Casinos ; Disney Dream No Casino arrgh Disney Dream No Casino arrgh. By CalLuvsCrusingToo, February 2, 2019 in Cruise Casinos. Share Followers 2. Recommended Posts. CalLuvsCrusingToo. Posted February 2, 2019. CalLuvsCrusingToo. Cool Cruiser; Members; 563 posts; May 6, 2015; SF N. Bay Area Calif. #1 Share; Posted February 2, 2019 Family is looking forward to Disney Dream cruise in June

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