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After Bond loses the first $10M in Casino Royale he asks Vesper for the additional buy-in, plot-explanation james-bond casino-royale. share | improve this question | follow | edited Nov 24 '15 at 22:20. Napoleon Wilson ♦ 56.7k 51 51 gold badges 309 309 silver badges 613 613 bronze badges. asked Nov 24 '15 at 18:11. SarpSTA SarpSTA. 2,959 5 5 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 46 46 bronze Casino Royale runs 144 minutes, so 9 minutes have to be trimmed somewhere, and this scene IS a bit drawn-out. We know Bond's going to survive because the game isn't over. We know Bond's going to survive because the game isn't over. The title could conceivably translate to the "Royal Casino", the "King's Casino", or even "Casino Majestic". However, since the French word "casino" is masculine, this phrase would correctly be spelled "casino royal". A better explanation is that the original story takes place in a fictional French town called Royale-les-Eaux. A place name in French is feminine and would deserve the "e" at the Casino Royale. begins with a young James Bond in Prague discussing his first kill with a traitorous MI6 station chief, just before Bond kills the station chief as well.. Next, in Madagascar, Bond chases a bomb-wielding suspect into an embassy and shoots him on camera. M orders Bond to disappear for a while, and Bond uses his time off to pursue some bad guys. In Casino Royale, the CIA agent, Felix Leiter, offers to stake Bond with the understanding that CIA will capture Le Chiffre when the game is over.Yet, when the game is over, Le Chiffre is freely running around, kidnapping and torturing people. Bond had won the game, Le Chiffre was right there where the CIA wanted him. Casino Royal: Why does Le Chiffre say "your friend Mathis is really my friend Mathis?" Close. 5. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. Casino Royal: Why does Le Chiffre say "your friend Mathis is really my friend Mathis?" If Vesper was the traitor then did he just say that to throw Bond and MI6 off and keep them confused? Edit: Autocorrect changed it from Royale to Royal. 10 comments. share. save In Casino Royale the evil guy who bleeds from his eyes acts as a sort of banker for bad guys. The evil old guy represents an evil organization who hooks the bleedy-eye guy up with new customers. The evil guy who bleeds from his eyes uses his customers’ money to play the stock market. He agrees to sell shares that he doesn’t own at a certain price at a certain date, then tries to get that Casino Royale is not one film but three: let’s christen them The Plane, Poker, and Venice. The quality and indeed the fabric of these three sections vary remarkably. Each reaches their own mini Bond must defeat a private banker funding terrorists in a high-stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, Montenegro. —vsuperkuns. James Bond (Daniel Craig) goes on his first mission as a 00. Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) is a banker to the world's terrorists. He is participating in a poker game at Montenegro, where he must win back his money, in order to stay safe amongst the terrorist market Let us recall the finale of Casino Royale to underscore the praise of the fans: somehow, after surviving torture and a bunch of explosions, and after witnessing the collapse of a building into the canals of Venice, the Craig-Bond—at almost age 40—undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis in the space of an instant. It is a metamorphosis that involves an existential makeover, completing his

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