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My trip to Germany; More like a scavenger hunt for shave supplies.

The goods
We got back Saturday morning at 4am and man was our travel day ridiculously ridiculous.
Moving on; about three weeks ago I asked you guys for some help identifying any wet shaving related places of interest that my wife and I could check out. Thank you to anyone who pitched in but unfortunately some of the places (Solingen, Muhle, 1001 soaps) due to timing or location we simply weren't able to make it. However that didn't stop us from finding a few places at each stop which were all well worth it for one reason or anther and one specific location that was l very happy to find. Thank you to beazle_de for suggesting The Different Scent in Berlin because it is an awesome store and I really wish there was something like it close to the Carolinas.
First up was a Crabtree & Evelyn store, a tour of Giovanni Maria Farina's perfume house and oddly enough a tourist shop all in the city of Cologne; home of the first EdC: Farina 1706.
I had read about C&E hard soaps not being that great so I opted for a travel sized cream of Moroccan Myrrh with matching aftershave balm. Then it was off to the Farina house where my wife and I learned a great deal about the first ever Eau de Cologne (sample bottle with red lid), which my wife was growing fond of as our tour went on. See our "ticket" for admission was a spritz of Farina on our wrist and by the time we concluded our tour, my wife and I both agreed she/we needed to get a bottle. It is in my opinion a wonderful scent, light with bergamot and a dry down that only gets better; at least on my wife that is. Lastly a small tourist shop with a few things of interest and where my wife insisted I get the ceramic tub of Tabac.
Next up was a perfumery with a serious collection of AdP and other notable soap brands in Baden Baden; a city with a casino (that has an enforced James Bond level dress code) for the who's who from around the world and where money is no object when it comes to shopping and dining. Regarding the AdP I had a tough time deciding what to get but I read that the travel tube had lanolin in it and the tub did not. So I decide to get the tube to save on cost with the added benefit of lanolin (if indeed true). I do however regret not getting the aftershave balm, but man the price was just a bit too much...even on vacation where my wife and I agreed, "money isn't an issue."
Third stop had to be the coolest just because the overall variety and just legit wet shaving stuffs in general; The Different Scent. I was in there well over an hour going back and forth on what I should get and to be honest I'm surprised I wasn't thrown out haha. I was smelling nearly every tester, checking prices and going from here to there in the shop and generally geeking out because I have never seen such a collection of shave gear to choose from under one roof. Also not really in the pics but the collection of colognes and perfumes is equally as large as the wet shaving products. I decided on the Alvarez Gomez, Agua de Colonia Concentrada Barberia Shave Cream, and Klar Seifen RasierSeife in Sports scent. I did notice they had Meissner Tremonia shave soap but I wasn't digging the Sea Salt Sage because it was just too much sage, at least for me.
Finally the small samples of aftershave balm and EdC's. The Bottega Veneta was given to pair with the AdP, which from initial smells seems to be pretty accurate, but of course I will have to wait and see. What's funny is while I was at The Different scent with a war raging inside my brain for what I was going to buy, I had taken a liking to Acca Kappa Muchio Bianco but for whatever reason didn't get it. Fast forward I discovered the EdC sample my wife and I really liked and got near the beginning of our trip, was none other than Muchio Bianco. My wife turned to me and said, "I told you you should have bought that soap..." *sigh, oh well.
Last things which is not shaving related. If any of you go to Germany and will be around the Munich area, I cannot urge you enough to visit the Andechs Abbey. flopsweater you could not have been more right about thanking you, because the beer, the food and sights were so awesomely unexpected it was no joke the highlight of our stay in Munich. I really wish I grabbed the sample 6 pack but we had already got 4bottles of wine and other things I wasn't sure how we would bring them back.
Anywho, to say our trip was stupendously awesome and something we both desperately needed would be an understatement. We saw so much, experienced great things and are truly thankful for the opportunity to travel to Germany.
Thank you for reading and sorry if it's a bit long winded.
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