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Casino Pit Boss Job Description. A pit boss, also called a pit manager or a gaming supervisor, oversees operations on the casino floor. He spends much of his time circulating among the tables and monitoring customers to ensure everyone plays by the rules. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that gaming Gaming and casino supervisors oversee and direct activities on a casino floor. Sometimes referred to as pit bosses, these professionals ensure gaming rules and laws are followed. Many of these professionals are promoted into the role after several years of experience as a dealer, sports book writer or runner. The skills and education required to become a supervisor varies by employer, but Results-oriented Pit Manager with diverse background in management and customer service. Dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making operational and procedural improvements. With 15 years of Las Vegas experience. I opened the MGM National Harbor Casino, helped to create S.O.P.s, trained new dealers with no gaming experience to work in a high cash volume casino. A pit boss needs to be both fair and attentive. Also, taking care of money is arguably a pit manager’s biggest obligation. As the official casino supervisor, a pit boss cannot afford a second of inattention. Furthermore, a pit boss is tasked with monitoring loyal players who spend a lot of time at their venue. Such gamblers can earn comp Using Pit Manager, Casino Floor Management will be able to: Monitor and modify floor efficiency; Concentrate on customer service rather than dealer movements generating higher revenue per table; Automatically develop the roadmap based on the table open times; Modify strings; Manage dealers coming on and off breaks ; Automatically alert dealers of where they are working through Table Assignment Dual Pit Manager – Similar to Dual-Rate Dealer / Supervisor. You’re still a supervisor, but are (probably) in training to become a pit manager. The difference in pay is (usually) small. Pit Manager (Boss) – Now you’re supervising the gaming floor. This comes with a large salary increase, plus the opportunity to bonus. Pit bosses tend to The Casino Management Program trains students for entry-level, supervisory, and managerial positions in the gaming industry, including positions such as casino dealer, floor supervisor, pit manager, surveillance investigator, cage cashier and casino host. For students currently employed in the gaming industry, this program will aid in career advancement, professional growth and career mobility. Pit Boss Responsibilities . The job has changed greatly over the years. The pit boss was originally the casino manager or one of the managers. Today's "pit boss" may be responsible for watching a few table games, running a pit of a dozen games, or running several pits of table games and all the floor supervisors who are watching games and dealers in those pits. The Pit Manager assists the Table Games Shift Manager in the daily operations of the Casino Table Games Department including coaching, training & mentoring of the Table Games staff. The Pit Manager plays a vital role in safeguarding enterprise assets, and contributes to the overall profitability and success of the Table Games team. The Pit Manager assists in monitoring and maintaining the A casino manager, also known as gaming manager, oversees the daily operations and staff within her or his facility. In this job, you may monitor the floor to make sure players aren't cheating, as well as to ensure dealers conduct games properly and to enforce house rules. Your administrative duties include hiring, training and evaluating staff, preparing work schedules and deciding what games

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