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2020 Playing Card Holiday Gift Guide

My favourite decks from the past year

Playing cards make the ideal gift, particularly the many beautiful custom decks available nowadays. Almost everyone can use a deck of cards at some point, so they have an instant and universal appeal, especially if a deck has some customized artwork and is packaged in an appealing tuck box.
In this list I want to focus on some of my favourite decks that have come out in the past year 2020. This year has been a challenging year for many of us in light of the coronavirus that has swept across the world. But in the middle of all this darkness, there have also been some bright spots, which include the brand new crop of custom decks that have appeared in the marketplace.
The suggestions I'm making are very much a matter of personal choice, and other playing card enthusiasts might make other choices. I haven't seen each and every deck that hit the market in the past year, and there are undoubtedly plenty of other worthy decks that qualify for a list like this. I've also not included any decks that have haven't yet been produced, even if they have been crowdfunded. This list strictly covers decks that you should be able to obtain from online retailers and resellers. I've also not included so-called "hype decks" that sell out almost immediately at the publisher level (e.g. Fontaines), but only those that enter retail channels and are more widely and readily available.
I've also included links to where you find them at PlayingCardDecks so that you can see images of the tuck boxes and cards for each item, and because they're the retailer I personally buy playing cards from the most. But you should be able to find these decks at most online retailers.

Popular Series

Several series of playing cards have become brands of their own, and achieved nearly cult status from collectors. This past year has seen some great additions to the line-ups from popular series that include big names like Jerry's Nuggets, Cherry Casino, and NOC.
Jerry's Nugget Aqua Playing Cards - Jerry's Nuggets are a modern icon in the world of playing cards, due to the cult status of this deck, which was praised by cardists around the world. It was originally printed in the early 1970s, and was so much in demand in recent decades that copies fetched over $500 in the secondary market. A very successful reprinting of the original blue and red decks happened in 2019, and in the past year we've seen multiple reprints in different colours. Among my favourites in this series are the bright colours like orange, yellow, and green, which have all appeared in the past year. But there's also something for those who prefer a more muted look, such as steel and black. For more in this series, see Jerry's Nugget decks.
Cherry Casino Tropicana Teal Playing Cards - The Cherry Casino decks capture a retro vibe, and are a throwback to the old fruit machines from gambling halls, with their distinctive cherry artwork. For me the real appeal of this series lies in the gorgeous card backs, which have a metallic sheen making them feel instantly different from all other decks. The face cards are all quite standard, so that makes them ideal for card games or card magic. Multiple new colours continue to appear in this series, such as Flamingo Quartz Pink, and most recently McCarran Silver. For more in this series, see Cherry Casino decks .
NOC 3000X2 Purple Playing Cards - The acronym NOC originally stood for Nothing Only Colour, and in line with this the initial decks in this series were all very minimalist. Many people like to collect and use the NOC decks, and over time the series has evolved somewhat. The most recent releases show some new splashes of creativity, and with the NOC 3000X2 deck we travel into the future, past the year 3000. Vibrant purples and pinks inhabit the landscape of the cards, for a very modern and flashy look that is particularly well suited to cardistry. This particular deck is also available in a matching pink version. For more in this series, see NOC decks.

Popular Brands

There are several big brands that you can count on for quality, and this year was no exception, with big companies like Theory11, Ellusionist, and Art of Play all continuing to contribute wonderful playing cards to the market.
James Bond 007 Playing Cards - When it comes to glamorous tuck boxes, it doesn't get much better than the luxury of playing card producer Theory11. This wonderful deck is a tribute to agent 007, James Bond. I collect most of the Theory11 decks, and this one is particularly terrific, with a supreme tuck box, and Bond-inspired paraphernalia on the court cards and on the card back. Close observers will find many Bond gadgets and more. Theory11 have put out several stylish releases in the past year, another one being the Hollywood Roosevelt deck. For more, see Theory11 decks.
Shadow Masters Legacy v2 Playing Cards - One of the companies at the forefront of the custom playing cards movement was Ellusionist and their Black Tiger deck continues to be a modern icon. While they've since been overshadowed by the many custom decks produced in the crowd-funding era over the past decade, they continue to produce some memorable decks from time to time that are worth picking up. The Shadow Masters Legacy v2 is a black deck in the classic Ellusionist style, and represents the kind of thing that made them great to begin with. A jet black background is the chief feature of this deck, and the red and white used for the artwork and pips stands out beautifully against the inky black. This deck compares favourably with any other deck from the modern era. For more, see Ellusionist decks.
Yellow Wheel Playing Cards - The brand Art of Play is the home of influential cardists Dan and Dave Buck. Their Red & Blue Wheel decks are among my all-time favourite decks, with gorgeous metallic inks as part of a split-pip design. The Yellow Wheel deck is their latest entry in the Wheel series, that retains the original card backs but now in yellow. But the highlight is the card faces, with the split pips employing a stunning metallic silver that complements the cards beautifully. This is a completely custom deck that is certain to impress anyone who sees it. Art of Play produces many new decks each year, and their Henry & Sally deck is a fun novelty release also worth checking out. For more, see Art of Play decks.

Popular Designers

They are a very select group, but there are some notable designers in the playing card industry who have developed a real name for themselves, have generated a large following of loyal fans, and continue to produce high quality custom decks on a regular basis.
Italia Radiosa Playing Cards - Italian designer Giovanni Meroni is the man behind Thirdway Industries, and his playing cards are in high demand from collectors around the world. His signature style is immediately recognizable in each of his decks, and this one is no exception. Along with its companion Italia Segreta, it's themed around the wonders and secrets of Italy. The unique court cards are the real highlight, showcasing Giovanni's usual creativity and style. The number cards are also fully custom. These are the kinds of decks that will hold their value well in years to come. If you want even more vibrant colours, check out Modern Idols, from the same creator. For more, see Giovanni Meroni decks.
Postage Paid Playing Cards - Behind the brand Kings Wild Project is Jackson Robinson, who is one of the few professional designers that actually makes a living out of designing playing cards. This deck was inspired by the idea of playing cards functioning as postcards, each with its own stamp and post paid stamp. All 50 US states are represented on different cards, and everything about this deck is fully customized. This deck was produced in only limited numbers, so it will be out of stock in most places. But if you're quick, you can still grab Jackson Robinson's General Admission deck, which applies a similar concept to tickets, with each card representing a vintage ticket stub from the early 20th century. For more, see Jackson Robinson decks.
Kodiak Playing Cards - From popular designer Jody Eklund and his Black Ink Playing Cards Company, comes this delightful deck of playing cards that is geared to the poker player and collector. The cards have a very classic look, but offer a fresh take on the designs of the court cards and pips. Jody is highly respected for his approach to graphic design, and these cards will prove an excellent choice if you like playing card games, and want to bring something stylish and attractive to the table. For more, see Jody Eklund decks.

Magician Decks

Most magicians can perform their magic with any deck, but typically they prefer to do card magic with a deck where novelty and customization are minimal, so as not to distract from their magic. These decks are well suited to performing magic, and contain bonus gaff cards or other secrets that enable them to produce miracles not possible with ordinary decks.
Card College Playing Cards - These decks are a tribute to the most outstanding modern teacher of the fundamentals of card magic, Roberto Giobbi. Mr Giobbi is the author of Card College, a series of best-selling books which are the modern gold standard for learning card magic. Available in red and blue, these decks are simple and practical for the working magician, and as a bonus each contains two double backer gaff cards. If you want more luxury, check out the stunning Luxury 3 Deck Set, which has even more stylish cards, individually numbered tuck boxes with unique origami style features, packaged in an attractive acrylic box - the ideal collectible or gift for magicians.
Remedies Royal Blue Playing Cards - The Remedies decks come from popular creators Daniel Madison and Daniel Schneider, and this is a successor to the Remedies Scarlet Red deck. Many collectors love the Black Roses brand of playing cards, and collect whatever they produce. This blue Remedies deck has a classic and minimalist look with bold blue card backs, and is very functional and practical. The inclusion of a special Angle Zero gaff makes it ideal for magicians.
DMC Elites Red v5 Playing Cards - Of all the marked decks I own, the DMC Elites is easily my first choice whenever I want a marked deck with cards that can be easily read from a distance, due to the clever and yet almost invisible marking system it uses. This deck has previously been released in several different colours, and now incorporates Tamariz's Mnemonica stack. All you need is the deck, but there is a terrific Passport book available separately, which will give you some great ideas for routines you can pull off with this great marked deck. For more, see Marked decks.

Cardistry Decks

Card flourishing has really boomed in recent years, and especially shines when cardists use a deck that has colourful and striking patterns optimized for cardistry, that enhance the visual aesthetics of cards in motion, as these decks show.
Neon Orange Cardistry Playing Cards - This deck represents Bicycle's attempt to meet a demand for a relatively low-cost deck geared towards card flourishing. The card backs have a geometric design, and the faces are all identical and completely non-standard, showcasing the latest evolution in playing cards optimized entirely for cardistry. Bright colours ensure that the cards look visually appealing in fans, spreads, and flourishing moves. Alongside this vibrant orange deck is its blue companion, the Neon Blue Aurora deck.
Autumn Circle Cardistry Playing Cards - Tally Ho is a classic brand that USPCC has been producing for a long time. The circle back design of the typical Tally Ho deck has become iconic, and is especially appreciated by those who enjoy card flourishing. Each year the folks at Bicycle produce some in-house decks for special occasions, and the Autumn Circle Back deck is a lovely result. The colours capture the warmth and glow of autumn leaves and the mood of harvest time, while the pattern on the card backs is perfect for cardistry.
ArrowDynamix Cardistry Playing Cards - Given the high volume of cardistry decks appearing all the time, it can be difficult to come up with something completely original, but this minimalist deck has accomplished exactly that. Each card features a giant vertical arrow on the card backs, and a giant horizontal arrow on the faces. With carefully choreographed sequences and moves, you can create truly unique patterns and effects that you simply can't achieve with any other cardistry deck.

Animal-themed Decks

Do you love animals, or do you have an animal lover in your life? There are a lot of wonderful custom decks that are tributes to our four legged friends, or depict some of our favourite creatures.
Woof and Whiskers Dog Playing Cards - The real appeal of this deck is the cute tuck box, which has cardboard ears that fold up, to complete the look of the friendly dog on the front of the box. I would have liked to see some more customization with the number cards, but it's still a very charming deck, with delightful custom artwork on the court cards and aces. This is one of two Zoo 52 decks, so if you like the Dog deck, you'll also want to pick up the Playful Paws Cat deck, which is equally cute.
Aviary Playing Cards - There are a lot of independent creators that produce Bicycle branded playing cards with the help of industry giant USPCC, but this big name producer also releases its own in-house decks. This is my favourite of their four newest releases that hit the market at the end of 2020, and is a very classy looking deck with artwork inspired by a traditional look, but with adjustments to give it a custom feel, and the presence of several birds carefully positioned throughout the deck. Of the four new releases from Bicycle, the Sea King deck is also proving to be very popular.
King of Tigers Playing Cards - If you're looking for a deck with bling, this is it. The card backs have a borderless tiger skin pattern, which has been printed with some of the latest technology that makes use of foil for a truly eye-catching look. The tuck box is even more glamorous. While the court cards are clearly inspired by traditional courts, the Jokers bring back the tiger theme strongly, and the tiger skin look recurs throughout the deck.

Food-themed Decks

Recent years have seen some wonderful novelty decks themed around different kinds of food. These are always a great way to whet your appetite for a card game, or to show off to family or friends, and have proved a real hit with collectors.
Squeezers V3 Playing Cards - Good luck getting your hands on decks from this extremely popular series from Organic Playing Cards, because they sell out quickly. These fruit inspired decks have delightful tuck boxes, and this grapefruit themed deck even comes in a tuck box that looks like a juice box, and is actually scented like grapefruit. The cards themselves are quite practical, but add humorous grapefruit themed elements to the court cards, and new bold colours. OPC's 2020 releases also included the watermelon-themed Carvers deck, while their current release sees the brand go in a slightly new direction with the corn-themed Shuckers.
Noodlers Chicken Playing Cards - If you like the concept behind the Organic Playing Cards series, you'll probably also enjoy this deck, which has a similarly styled tuck box to the Squeezers decks, but represents a packet of ramen noodles. The orange colour on the card backs and pips has also been inspired by the noodles theme. The artwork on the court cards has a quaint and cute style, with each character depicted in a light hearted style quite different from standard courts, and all holding a bowl of noodles. For a final laugh, the Jokers provide us with the necessary packet of "chicken seasoning" to add to our noodles.
Citrus Playing Cards - Created by Flaminko, the Deliciousness series has been somewhat overshadowed by the more successful fruit inspired cards from Organic Playing Cards. But I love the Flaminko decks, because they apply customization to all elements of the cards, including the pips. This novelty deck is well suited for card flourishing, card games, and collectors, and cleverly captures all that is juicy and wonderful about citrus fruit.

Music-themed Decks

Music is another evergreen theme, and there's a solid range of lovely decks for the music lover, whether your taste is classical or more contemporary rock-and-roll.
Composers Mozart Playing Cards - This deck is part of a series that also includes other composers like Bach. These decks are true collector pieces, and make a wonderful tribute to some of the greatest composers of all time. The tuck boxes have a very classical look, and metallic ink enhances the gorgeous card backs. Meanwhile completely custom artwork on the faces emphasizes a vintage and classical feel. They are great for music lovers and collectors, but if classical music isn't your thing, then check out the Rock and Roll deck.
Piano Player Playing Cards - If the piano is your instrument of choice, this is a deck for you. The creative tuck box is available in two styles, one with two black keys and the other with three black keys, which means you can place two decks alongside each other to create a larger keyboard. Fully custom characters inhabit the court cards, with the keyboard motif returning in the details of the artwork. Small touches like this really make this creative deck a thing of unique beauty.
Soundboards v3 Midnight Playing Cards - Remember the old walk-man cassette players? In the 1980s these revolutionary electronic devices were among the first to make your personal music collection portable. The Soundboards deck replicates the look of a classic walk-man, and the Jokers complete the look by bringing the cassette tape look into the box. This Midnight edition has a dark look, so you might also want to consider the red deck if you prefer a more traditional colour.

Fiction & Film themed Decks

Most of us love a good story, whether it's in the pages of a novel or on our screens. Here are some great custom decks that are loving tributes to some of the best from the worlds of fiction and film.
Jane Austen Playing Cards - Fans of the classic novel will appreciate the loving treatment that Jane Austen's famous novels have received in this delightful tribute from the Art of Play label. Each suit represents a different novel, with the court cards featuring the lead characters in the story. The design of the characters is inspired by period costumes and reflects the fashions from the time in which the stories are set. The classy tuck case ensures that everything is nicely packaged and well presented.
Star Wars Playing Cards - Theory11 achieved a real coup by acquiring the rights to bring the Star Wars brand to playing cards. They were the perfect company to ensure that the result was a classy deck that did justice to the world of the films. This pair of Light Side and Dark Side decks begins with a top quality and highly attractive tuck case, as we've come to expect from Theory11. The court cards all feature different characters from the movies, and the design is the perfect blend of customization and playability, making this a practical deck you can bring out for your favourite card game, or to give to the Star Wars fan in your life. A similar pair of decks was produced later in the year in White and Black.
King Arthur Playing Cards - The result of a collaboration between Riffle Shuffle and Studio Muti, this pair of red and green decks tell the story of the famous Arthurian legend. For me it's a personal and nostalgic childhood favourite, in light of the adventure and imagination it evokes. But as impressive as these decks are, they pale besides the King Arthur Gold deck, which has gold metallic ink on the faces, and gold foil on the card backs, for a truly extravagant look. Inside and out, this is a stunning tribute to a timeless classic from the world of fiction.

Space-themed Decks

So I cheated. I already have a section devoted to cardistry, so I figured I'd sneak in a second category, by including some cardistry decks that all have a space theme. These decks all feature colourful visuals that work well for flourishing, but can also be enjoyed by collectors who appreciate their vibrant colours and exuberant designs.
Solokid Constellation Playing Cards - This set of twelve decks captures the twelve different star signs. It was produced by Bocopo, a company well known for producing colourful custom decks that appeal especially to cardists and collectors. These decks are typical Bocopo offerings, with evocative colours that are unique to each different deck, to help capture a different feeling for each and every constellation. If you like vibrant colour, you'll certainly find something to enjoy here.
Stargazer New Moon Playing Cards - Several different decks have now appeared in the Stargazer series, but the recent New Moon deck is probably my favourite. The circular moon that appears on all the card backs makes it an ideal deck for card flourishing moves like spins and twirls. The face cards have some truly vibrant colours, and capture well the feel of a night sky bursting with colour and life.
Sirius B v3 Playing Cards - I fell in love with the style of the original Sirius B deck, so this third edition was always going to win me over. The court cards consist of a blur of colours that look like paints mixed together, and this style has also been applied to the pips. The colours are the real appeal here, and the signature design of the card backs also looks very nice in card flourishes.

Transformation Decks

I personally adore transformation cards, and consider them to be one of the most fascinating and memorable types of playing cards there is. The idea is that you take the pips and incorporate them into a larger picture that forms a unique work of art, for each and every card in the deck.
Cotta's Almanac #1 Reproduction Playing Cards - This historic deck was first created in 1805 by J.C. Cotta, and was the very first of its kind. Themed on the "Joan of Arc" play by Schiller, the beauty and creativity of these cards will still win over collectors today. Lovingly produced in a high quality modern edition, this recreation is the first of the entire series of Cotta transformation decks that is being reproduced by PCD.
5th Kingdom Playing Cards - This deck is possibly my favourite original release from PCD in the past year. It is an outstanding example of the creativity and originality of a semi-transformation deck, where the pips have been cleverly incorporated into the artwork. Each suit represents a different culture, turning each individual card into a work of art that can be admired and enjoyed.
Pack of Dogs V2 Playing Cards - This transformation deck is the work of John Littleboy, who has produced a number of such decks in his inimitable style, including Pack of Dogs, Kitten Club, Mermaid Queen, and Bag of Bones. The number cards are my favourites, and in this deck each of these represents a larger art piece with a dog. Each suit has a progressive image, so they don't feel totally unique from each other. It's more like a series of consecutive snapshots, and you can use flip animation to tell the story. Littleboy's Kitten Club V2 deck applies a similar concept to cats.

In-House Decks

PlayingCardDecks doesn't just sell playing cards, but Will Roya also uses his wealth of experience to team up with designers and graphic artists to produce high quality custom decks under the PCD label. Here are some great custom decks that were published in-house over the course of 2020.
Astronaut Playing Cards - This novelty deck is a delightful creation that will please anyone who has an interest in space and space travel, in light of its unique theme. The Kings are all depicted as astronauts, while the Queens and Jacks represent space travellers. The card backs have a futuristic look with neon lights, and this look carries over to the number cards, which are highly customized with unique red and blue pips.
Beekeeper Playing Cards - There are plenty of bee themed playing cards already on the market, but the artwork style gives this one a truly unique feel. Two decks were produced, one with light card backs and the other with dark card backs. This is a great novelty deck for the collector, because there's especially some delightful creativity to be found with the bee-inspired pips, and the detailed custom artwork on the court cards.
Testament Classic Playing Cards - This is a Biblical themed deck created by artist Ben Green. It's intended as an art deck, with the images on the cards depicting Biblical characters from well-known narratives. Representing a dual love for playing cards and a love for Bible-inspired art, this deck will especially appeal to the collector.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Decks

I'm a sucker for highly unusual decks with a high degree of novelty, and even though these are not ones I'd typically use for playing card games, they have very unique features that make them stand out from your average custom deck.
Starry Night Puzzle Playing Cards - Fancy a deck that doubles as a jigsaw puzzle? This clever deck takes its inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, The Starry Night. The artwork on the card faces is all taken from the painting, and all the cards can be pieced together to make a single giant picture, thus effectively functioning as a large puzzle. Yet each card has clear indices so it's still something you can use for card games too. Definitely unique and out of the ordinary, this set of playing cards is a perfect choice for fans of classic art and paintings.
Falcon Razors Deluxe Throwing Playing Cards - Rick Smith Jr has made multiple world records in throwing playing cards. His baseball background holds him in good stead, but anybody can learn to throw playing cards if you use the techniques Rick teaches. These throwing cards were a collaboration with legendary flourisher De'vo, and were featured in one of this year's viral videos from Dude Perfect, which featured Rick and his amazing card throwing. The cards are slightly thicker than standard Bicycle stock, to ensure extra durability and performance for card throwing.
AQUA Invisible Plastic Playing Cards - If you're looking for something completely different, this might hit the mark. This is a ground-breaking deck that is the closest thing to being invisible. All the cards are made out of completely transparent plastic, after which a high gloss transparent printing is applied to selected areas of the cards to produce the designs and pips. So each card is effectively completely transparent, and yet you can see its unique artwork and determine its value and suit. The handling is surprisingly better than you'd expect for a completely plastic deck, and it's certainly something unique.

Other Gift Ideas

Do you want to let your gift recipient make their own decision about what to get, or are you not quite sure what to buy? Here are a couple of special gift ideas that might help out, even if it is to give your family or friends a convenient way to enable you to select your own gift!
Firstly, there's a wide range of accessories available for playing cards, like card clips, card cases, and more. Alternatively, consider a gift card, which is available in amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. There's also the popular Pip Box Club, which has been around for over two years. Subscribers get a selection of decks and goodies shipped to them each month, and offers great value with each box.
Boxing Day Sale: Right now you can take advantage of a special sale at PlayingCardDecks, and save $10 off any order over $30 by using the code box20. This coupon is valid from Boxing Day until the end of 2020.
Happy shopping, and happy holidays!
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What life is like in Terrace bc

So I hope this makes it to the top of Google one day and can help another human being kind of understand what the vibe and feeling living in terrace is like. I know for myself I looked online and you can find only so much. So I'm going to try and get into some detail of what the lifestyle is like out here. I myself have only lived here for two years and I know what it's like to start fresh here.
I'll start with work, there is plenty to go around. If you don't mind picking up what you have to to get by. There is tons of service jobs available tons of shops in the general idea as Kal tires and parts shops for the trades. If you have and carpentry experience like myself you will find a job with in your first 2 weeks. ( Happened to me). I'm sure the other trades have plenty of work also. the LNG just opened, well approved a while ago and if your into the camp lifestyle they look for workers in Al aspects you can work in the camp as a cook house cleaner other services ( good for a woman). If your a guy the posibilitys are endless. Start wage for labour is like 27 bucks, you'd also be looking at a 2 week on 2 week off roatation. The LNG is located in kitimaatt which is 45 mins away. If you don't want to stay in camp you can bus back and forth to terrace. Also if anybody's from forestry we have a mill to work at too.The town is a growing town and will be for a long time. Lots of work here. Lots of oprutunity.
The outdoors/ scenery Terrace is a beautiful and jaw dropping place to live. There's mountains and lakes everywhere. When I first moved here I got a mountain resort vibe it was super cool. Lots to do in both summer and winter. The temperature in the summer is very nice if you like warm but not 30° warm. Many lakes and great beaches are just a drive away. Some you can get to by town on foot so no vehicle needed. Anywhere down by the skeena river is great. I'm not much of a offroader but from what I can tell alot of people do that. Lots of trails lots of mountains to climb with you side by side. The amount of hiking here is ridiculous. Easy trails to expert also rock climbing is huge here too. Also with beginner to expert levels to suit everyone's need. We have some world class biking trails too, once again from beginner to expert. If you commute on bike there's not many hills in terrace or south side. Defined by our over pass for the trains. Even if you live out in the surrounding are known as thorn hill. You only have a couple big hills and that's all. We have world class fishing available here too for part of the summer. Depending what you want to catch. If your an ocean Fisher price Rupert ( BC's North Port) is only 2 hours away and the drive there is top 10 most beautiful drives in Canada. (AMAZING) we have a holiday in the summer called river boat days and it's basically a whole week of events from drag racing hit to pass they drop a bunch of ducks down the river and if you $20 duck wins you usually get a boat as a prize. Pay 5 bucks to shoot a gun. And after all that. bands play in the park and venders set up. Feeling like a festival. Winter things to do is obviously shames. Many mountains to sled. The winters here are mild rarely going under 12 we do and don't get much snow depending on the day. We have late falls here and early springs. We actually have 4 seasons. We have apple trees and the town is litters with cherry trees. Lots of mushroom picking if you like that. So much that people make a living by doing just that. 20-40k in a season I've heard. ( I'm a northern boy and a brought my parka down here I actually had to sell it because I didn't need it. Was a 600 dollar jacket) it does rain alot here so get ready for that. Last year it was hot and no rain all summer long and this year it was nice for 8 days. You must remember that this is a temperate rain Forrest. The leaves! Omg! You see all the colors the mountain is a spectrum of oranges and reds to browns. Not much beatle kill around here too so in the summer it's just green it's beautiful.
Life style and general mood One thing that is different from other places. Is the town shuts down fairly early. Most restaurants are closed by 8. Not all but most. Some that stay open late are pizza hut Mr Mike's bosten pizza an dominos. Those are the main ones. For fast food we have Mc Donald's a&w taco bell KFC subway DQ Tim Hortons. And that's it. Ever major banking institution we have. We have a pool 3 different gyms. 2 are 24 hr. We have a Walmart a whole sale saveon Safeway for groceries. Lots of liquor stores where you can build points on every order and use those points once you have enough funds. We have vape shops and like 5 weed shops now lol. Marks warehouse. A board shop and an outdoorsmen shop. 4 thrift shops. Many gas stations. Lots of drop in sport to do as well ice skating base ball basket ball tennis badminton hockey. We have a community center that's where artists come to play music like snack mad child Merk. And others. There's a farmer's market at the park every Sunday. Lots of Nick backs and fresh produce. We have like 5 food trucks there usually scattered through out town we have a nice two screen movie theater with a couple arcade games. Everyone is super friendly in terrace.. more so that I've seen from living in different places all over BC. The schools are close elementary middle and high school. They have an amazing trades school here at the college( if your looking for funding and you live here and plan on going to LNG they will find everything for your 1st and second year. Which is amazing) we also have other college classes. A bus that goes everywhere for 2 dollars. You can even get to Kitimat on the bus for only 2 bucks. The night life! What every 20 something is woundering! So we have lots of pubs and a couple bars 1 casino and one club if you will. The pubs all have great food none that I didn't like. The casino is your regular slots sometimes poker games are held. Video poker and video black jack the food there is great! The northern ( what you would call the party spot or club ) is great they usually have a live band on the weekends along with a dj. It's greasy but it fun I'm sure I don't have to say much else. It's got 2pool tables there also. The best thing about all these bars in terrace is they all have their own shuttle service FOR FREE they even pick you up at home and drive you to your destination making bar hoping extremely easy and there really is no need to drink and drive!
The bad and ugly.
There is a homeless problem lots of people wandering the streets. People passed out on the side walk. People pushing carts full of their belongings. Some street people are annoying. Mostly keep you themselves tho. Drugs are rapid here there is no shortage. If you don't get into that life it won't ever find you tho. You have to look for it. We don't have major business like Cosco or anything like that. Buying furniture here is through the roof. Buying a home that's okay starts at 400k the town is going to get worse as the LNG keeps going through. Not much of a fancy dinner date town. Town closes early. Very hard to get a family doctor.
Annnnnddd that's a ramble. I missed a bunch of things I'm sure.
If anybody is looking to move here please ask all the questions you can and want I'd be happy to answer
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MAME 0.218

MAME 0.218

It’s time for MAME 0.218, the first MAME release of 2020! We’ve added a couple of very interesting alternate versions of systems this month. One is a location test version of NMK’s GunNail, with different stage order, wider player shot patterns, a larger player hitbox, and lots of other differences from the final release. The other is The Last Apostle Puppetshow, an incredibly rare export version of Home Data’s Reikai Doushi. Also significant is a newer version Valadon Automation’s Super Bagman. There’s been enough progress made on Konami’s medal games for a number of them to be considered working, including Buttobi Striker, Dam Dam Boy, Korokoro Pensuke, Shuriken Boy and Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Capsule. Don’t expect too much in terms of gameplay though — they’re essentially gambling games for children.
There are several major computer emulation advances in this release, in completely different areas. Possibly most exciting is the ability to install and run Windows NT on the MIPS Magnum R4000 “Jazz” workstation, with working networking. With the assistance of Ash Wolf, MAME now emulates the Psion Series 5mx PDA. Psion’s EPOC32 operating system is the direct ancestor of the Symbian operating system, that powered a generation of smartphones. IDE and SCSI hard disk support for Acorn 8-bit systems has been added, the latter being one of the components of the BBC Domesday Project system. In PC emulation, Windows 3.1 is now usable with S3 ViRGE accelerated 2D video drivers. F.Ulivi has contributed microcode-level emulation of the iSBC-202 floppy controller for the Intel Intellec MDS-II system, adding 8" floppy disk support.
Of course there are plenty of other improvements and additions, including re-dumps of all the incorrectly dumped GameKing cartridges, disassemblers for PACE, WE32100 and “RipFire” 88000, better Geneve 9640 emulation, and plenty of working software list additions. You can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page (note that 32-bit Windows binaries and “zip-in-zip” source code are no longer supplied).

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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Rolling Stone Germany Article - Translation

Rolling Stone Germany Article - Translation
From Rolling Stone Magazine (Germany), massive thank you to nachossj1 & justanotheeeredditor for the help. Very long feature with very interesting stuff about the new Album.
The far in winter. A friend had separated from me. And I had also sold my complete vinyl collection, the 30 volumes of Brockhaus that I had from my parents for my 18th birthday, and the binoculars I had received from my aunt for my 16th birthday in Berlin for drugs. For some time, I no longer spoke to my parents.
I was looking for a job. I googled "Berlin men's line". I thought I could get down for 50 euros. But then I read that the Blue Boy Bar, a hustle and bustle meeting, was having problems with knife sticks. I pulled the Brockhaus into seven parcels on a sled that I found in the basement of my apartment building on Danziger Strasse to the post office through the snow. I sweat. And at the same time I was cold. An antiquarian bookshop in Leverkusen had bought all of my volumes for 1,500 euros. I heard "Is this It" from the Strokes on the headphones of my phone.
I slept with as many people as I had never done before. I stayed with someone else every other day. Sometimes I stole something to eat from the fridges when I snuck out of the strange apartments with a hangover in the morning and broke completely.
And now I'm married. I have two children. We bought a house. And the strokes release a new album. The fact that the strokes exist still feels like news. And then I realized that I had to be washed up. The strokes have been around for 22 years.
The new album is called "The New Abnormal" and was produced by Rick Rubin. The cover is a picture of Jean-Michel Basquiat, an African-American artist who died in New York in 1988 at the age of 27 from a heroin overdose. Basquiat was sponsored by Warhol. Warhol produced The Velvet Undergrond. And the music of the strokes happens right in between. Between the undergroud, the upper class between endless neighbors and valid decisions. Above all, the strokes survived. Albert Hammond Jr., the guitarist, overcame his heroin addiction. Casablancas defeated alcoholism.
You look so fresh now. They wear Hawaiian shirts on the press photos.
That evening you play a concert in the Columbiahalle in Berlin. A surprise concert that was announced just a few days in advance. It was sold out in seconds. And the record label invited some journalists to hear "The New Abnormal" in advance. The whole thing will take place before the concert in the Silverwings Club, the former officers' casino of the U.S. based Berlin. Air Force opposite Columbiahalle, instead.
Chefs roast burgers for the journalists, along with chicken skewer and vegan spring rolls. Beer and white wine are drunk. Old strokes songs are playing in the background. Now "Reptilia".[EDIT 1]
A woman from the record company from Munich announces the new album. The journalists applaud. A technician presses "Play". The first song is called "The Adults Are Talking".
But another strokes song is playing in the background. The journalists and the woman from the record company don't notice that. You toast yourself. I go to the mixer and tell the woman that there is another song running. And she looks at me. And after a short puse, says: "It was just a test to find out if you were listening." She beckons the technician. It makes up the old song. You play "The Adults Are Talking" again from the beginning. [EDIT 2]
It's such an eighties roller disco song. I think of the mall from "Stranger Things". To Miami. On cocaine. On the unshaven armpits of a young woman. I'm thinking of getting away with a stolen Ford Mustang and driving through the night. The guitars play a dü-dü-dü-dü sing-along tune, the drums sound like a spray can, the verse consists of palm-muted chords. And Casablancas sings so shot, with a thin, slightly distorted and shattering voice of the terror of adulthood and the awareness that you can never get out of it. [EDIT 3]
The song "Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus" goes in a similar direction. It sounds like the song "11th Dimension" on Julian Casablancas' first solo album, only a little faster. Like a night at the Arcadium when the vending machine cowboy wants to set a new Pac-Man record.
After the fifth song the music goes out. After each song, the journalists applauded like tourists when the pilot hit the runway in Palma. The woman from the record company plays an old strokes song again. And a radio host dances expressively. [EDIT 4]
She wears black Doc Martens and a top from some band. I had seen this garment on Nina the last time in tenth grade. Nina's breasts were the first ever to be chamfered. That was in the meadow behind the bus station. And she also wore a top like that. Most women I know today wear dresses or blouses or t-shirts or shirts or sweaters. But I haven't seen the top garment, that is, a shirt that fits tightly over the upper body. The radio host's long blond hair flies around the room.
And I give again to the woman from the record company. And say that four songs are still missing. And she says "Oh yes", then she pauses, and then she says "But I'm going to finish the song now because Anja is still dancing." [EDIT 5]
"At the Door", the first single for the new album, was released three days before this evening. The video was made by Mike Burakoff, a guy who made MGMT's "When You Die", "At the Door" is perhaps the most untypical strokes song. It is five minutes and thirty-three seconds long. There are no drums and almost only synthesizer tones. The reef is from the Strokes guitar technician. He had played the band in the rehearsal room. It sounds like chamber music from the future when the universe is on fire. The video is an apocalypstic cartoon in the style of the 80s. Future space Ninka Turtle Heavy Metal, F.A.K.K. (…skip). [EDIT 6: nachossj1 collab]
The concert begins sometime after nine. The Strokes begins with "Heart in a Cage" followed by "You Only Live Once" and the third song they play is "NYCC". Everything is too loud. Exactly right. And the 30- to 40-year-old fans form a moshpit. Those who won, the creative directors, the music managers, the fashion designers are again or still sixteen. They are children who are afraid to die. They are children in adult bodies.
Julian Casablancas wears a kind of Nazi leather coat. Plus chucks. He climbs on the pedestal of drummer Fabrizio Moretti. He´s really called like the Italian beer company. Casablancas spits on Moretti's drums. He pours the red cups with drinks, more by mistake than on purpose. One remains. He drinks from it. In the second pause in the song .. "Automatic Stop" he drops the microphone, misses his use.
He looks at guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., who, like the rest of the band, plays absolutely machine. Albert Hammond Jr laughs, Casablancas laughs, Casablancas makes announcements like: "I thought someone was dead in the first row. Someone dropped his phone". Sometimes he leaves the stage. He often sings to the audience with them jerking. Then he knocks the microphone stand over. Pick it up again. He says: " not angry at you mic stand." He looks into the audience and says: "we have a complicated relationship." [EDIT 7: collab w/ justanotheeredditor & nachossj1 & me]
It is this complete refusal of a show which is of course the opposite of that, namely a performative act that makes the strokes so special. This is .. Permanent Vacation, by Jim Jarmusch, this is Lou Reed again.
Next to me, someone is filming the concerts on her cell phone. Almost 50 scars of a woman flash in black light on her left arm. I think of Nadja, who also had these scars everywhere. In a small village in Bavaria. Growing up is hard everywhere. In Berlin, in New York. Nowhere. Paramedics contribute to .. "Take it or Leave it" a woman from the hall. For "Last Nite" Casablancas is in the middle of the audience, he says: "I want you to kick the shit out of me".
The strokes play 15 songs. Only two of them from the new album. "The Adults Are Talking" and "Bad Decisions". The melody of the refrain from "Bad Decisions" is that of Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself". Idol is even named in the song credits as the author of "Bad Decisions". "Bad Decisions" otherwise kills more like Joy Division.
The sound of the new Strokes album is an almost Afro-futuristic odyssey to Wetall. The band samples and remixes the motifs. Basquiat on the cover, the dystopian future fit in the lyrics, new living spaces in space in the video "The New Abnormal" poses the big questions of our time: Who are we as a postmigration company? What identity do we still have? Where is the ram ship heading for? But the concert remains in the band's past. The dark soul of "The New Abnormal" doesn't come out. In Berlin the strokes 20 year old white garage skirt.
The backstage area of the Columbiahalle. The varlassene kitchen area. A fridge with cola, fanta and Turkish water, a couple of yogurt drinks. A gasher. No cooking marks. Gordon Raphael, the producer of the first two strokes albums, is running ahead of me. One wobbles in a way no longer knows whether it is Gordon Rapahael, Ozzy Osbourne or Slash. Men with long hair, who go wide in old age and still want to be rock types, look equally fluent in gender and personality.
"I am Julian", introduces Julian. We go to a ram for two. Completely dark. A leather sofa and an armchair, with a chair in between. "I want to sit on your lap," says Julian. I think of Lou Reed again. How a journalist once told him where he got his creativity from. And like he said "I masturbate every day". I think Adam Green, who once sat on my lap and offered me ectasy, and how Macaulay Caulkin came in then. And then I think of it as the New York test. This totally polite type of provocation, which is not hollow, but epistemological. Because it doesn't happen because of the provocation, but to find out how the other person reacts. And which is based above all on honesty. Honesty is the greatest provocation. In addition, a good provocation is always a social science attempt to build up knowledge that generates knowledge from the reaction of the provoked opponent.
"Of course you can sit on my lap," I say. And I tell him that I have all my plates for drugs. chewed.
He asks: "Do you miss your records?"
And I say no and that I'm surprised to be sitting here now. Sober. With family and everything. And I ask him if he can do the same. I ask him "Are you surprised who you are now?" And he says: "I mean, I get you get used to yourself. Surprised? I guess so. I'm pretty suprised." Julian pats his heart with his right hand and makes a peace sign. And he says, "Hashtag blessed."
We're talking about what's hot to find out who you are. When you are. How to be woman is one. Julian says the problem is that you don't know for a long time. “You’re playing basketball until your twenties, and then I actually found out I like baseball and soccer. You just grow up, you know.”
In one way, of course, it's banal; in another way, sentences like from a Great American Novel, Von Salinger., Von Roth, or Capote are snapped up and written down somewhere. Sentences that a man says who cannot yet understand the depth of his surface.
We are talking about the cover, about the artist Basquiat. Julian saw Basquiat's work in Paris for the first time. “I felt the whole range of rainbow emotions.” he says. Then silence again. Sometimes I don't know if he's tired. Whether he's gone to another world. Whether he's lonely. About what he really is.
I ask "The abnormal has become more normal. Can there be normality in a society based in individuality?”
He looks at me.
I say that the range of normality is washed by the normalization of abnormality. You can now be a Porsche driving communist or a trans man who loves bowling, and that’s okay. Julian laughs to himself. “The trans bowling guy, that is my favourite.” Then he says that "the new abnormal" is a quote from television. Julian was watching CNN and the governor of California stood there and commented on the wildfires that were now "the new abnormal".
Julian speaks of a power greater than that of the cherry or of monarchies. And from the fact that such a large retro and nostalgia wave would determine our aesthetics. It is the longing for the good old days when companies were not yet in charge. [EDIT 8: collab from justanotheeredditor]
In February, The Strokes performed at a rally event by demoscratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Julian wrote in a message from the band shortly before: “As the only truly non corporate candidate, Bernie Sanders represents our only chance to overthrown corporate power and help return America to democracy".
Julian Casablancas' father was John Casablancas, the founder of the American model agency Elite Models. He discovered Giselle Bündchen, his slogan was: "We don’t wake up for less than $ 10,000 a day." In the 1980s, his agency made about $ 100 million a year. Today that would correspond to about 313 million. Julian's father was that Corporate America.
"Do you think onstage." I ask.
"Yeah," he replies.
"Do you remember what you thought onstage tonight?"
"Yeah." he says.
"Would you like to share your thoughts with me."
"No. Sorry but it's a good question."
A conversation with Casablancas often leads to nowhere. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't lead to anything. Existing as nothing is something and not nothing, and I mean that in a David Lynch-est way. Here, the absence of being is a prerequisite for becoming something.
Casablancas can no longer remember why they made the album. Whether Rick Rubin asked the Strokes or the Strokes asked Rick Rubin.
“I was thinking how ironic the difference between pop art and pop music is", said Casablancas at the beginning of the conversation. We were briefly at Basquiat and Warhol. Now he says: "I mean, Rick Rubin was like next level mind and human king. But I think he kind of is more like a pop mind. And I am kind of drifted further into art things."
Albert Hammond Jr. arrives in the room. He brings with him a red heart shaped balloon. The woman from the Munich label had brought five hearts with her. We still have two minutes for the interview.
Julian Casablancas and I talk about our children in the remaining time. Two and a half years and eight months is a bleak age, says Julian. And then he hugs me. He really holds me close. I can feel his three necklaces on me.
It is just before midnight. And the winter is over.
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Colorado breweries we've visited in the rest of the state: 2020 update

One more roundup before we leave, alas. Regions are still super approximate. I updated some previous rankings as well.
Tallies: 137 in the Denver metro; 66 in the rest of the Front Range; 33 in the rest of the state. We've visited a total of 236 breweries, cideries, and meaderies in Colorado.

The Rest of the Front Range

The Rest of Colorado (South, West, Central)

Current category tally: 33
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Red v. Blue: Color Symbolism & Americana in Twin Peaks

Note: I'm writing this as someone who has watched the entire original series, Fire Walk With Me, The Missing Pieces, and The Return, as well as other features from Lynch's filmography (Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead); marked for spoilers now, do not proceed if you haven't seen them all. This is a longpost for Twin Peaks-obsessed nuts like me.
One of the things that remains a statement of the original incarnation (and thus, a statement by being substituted with HD digital cameras in The Return) is Twin Peaks's absolute mastery of the highly saturated 4:3 box TV aesthetic. I've heard Lynch was adamant the color palette not be corrected to a grittier, desaturated version when execs received the tapes. It's part of what's made so many iconic sequences and shots from the original run hallmarks of Tumblr and Instagram accounts aplenty. Twin Peaks came (and could be argued, ushered) on the precipice of a major shift in the television format. We would see the contemporary form of television media developed further with shows like The Sopranos in the HBO prime cable era, or The X-Files (no wonder Chris Carter plundered Twin Peaks's cast for his own attempt). As a marker for the end of the 80s and its preceding decades though, in many ways Twin Peaks to spoke to a form of TV largely since faded: soap operas and sitcoms and serials. It's part of why I loved the metatextual inclusion of the soap opera Invitation to Love, allowing the show to reference its own stylized dramaturgy.

Jade & Emerald... Jade give two rides, hm?
Very specifically, I find the series loves to riddle blue and red, like one oni to another. Fire and water. Hot-cold (like the shivery feeling Audrey gets when she holds an ice cube on her bare skin for a long time). The red and blue on Mike's TP varsity letterman jacket could be the most striking and concise marriage of this dynamic pairing. Donna & Maddie dive into this in the season 2 opener, scheming at the Double R (docked points for the silly jailhouse seduction routine by Donna, though). Subtler in palette but more obvious in Americana, Major Briggs's omnipresent blue uniform incorporates red in his breast patch (and Don S. Davis's ruddy-warm complexion, imo) speaking to his inherent patriotism as part of the Air Force. On more than one occasion Big Ed is spotted with a red & blue flannel.
Much to be said about the pairing of Bobby & Mike, comparing to BOB & MIKE; MIKE saw the face of God, but Bobby is the one who saw the light in this duo.
The flashing lights of a cop car. Dr. Jacoby's iconic 3D glasses-flavored shades (note that Jacoby and Ben both hailed from the Robert Wise-directed 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story, the famous 50s musical depicting rival gangs experiencing a Romeo & Juliet plot amidst culture clash in NYC). Lil the Dancer, communicating through expressive dance a coded message in FWWM. A barbershop quartet in the background behind Coop & Albert in "Coma".
I believe it's The Secret History of Twin Peaks book that is paired with red and blue filter lenses, so you can view certain hidden information? Either way, Lynch likes his 50s/60s Americana; reminds me of Castle Horror gimmicks.
The blue flower was a central Romanticism symbol; as blue roses don't occur in nature, they hold an air of mystery and fantastic possibility. Tennessee Williams used the blue rose to symbolize the fragile & unique character Laura(!!) in The Glass Menagerie.
The sign outside One-Eye Jack's. Red pairs often with green or black in gambling/casino situations; from the card deck motif for the sex workers to the mix-match patches of a roulette wheel. The malfunctioning lift for Leo in "The Orchid's Curse." The stage behind Julee Cruise during Roadhouse performances, especially "Lonely Souls." Even though the Red Room is known for its red, we see eventually that the Lodge holds strobing blue lights and the milky cataracts of doppelgangers. In a more peaceful sense, blue light washes over Laura as she smiles in the Lodge at the end of FWWM, reunited finally with her angel.
You can practically hear the buzz of the neon zapping into life from here. Knowing how important electricity is to Twin Peaks, these little details really stand out.
Ben and Jerry, at various times, switch between the two to complement each other much like the Miser Brothers. We also see it in Ben's interactions with Catherine; their affair in "Traces to Nowhere" finds Catherine clad in a powdery blue blanket, Ben's fiery tie, Catherine's ruby toenails (sidenote: not a fan of the Tarantino interaction). We see more of this Ben-Catherine color scheme in "Cooper's Dreams" during the Iceland convention with Leland's impromptu dancefloor breakdown. Ben, as central locus for Twin Peaks's criminal element, seems to be a lightning pole for these color dynamics. Notable is his integral need as a character to keep his publicly clean image and seedy underworld dealings separate, the perfect human symbol for Lynch's sequence in Blue Velvet's intro depicting the rotting & squirming insects buried beneath the idyllic Levittown surface of Lumberton. And Ben, even beyond his perennial cigar, enjoys many scenes by the fire of a hearth.
Ben floats through the two by himself on a regular basis, which I think ties into his role as the uber 80s corporate & cold American businessman, espousing social niceties & charm but hiding his sinister and impulsive skeletons in the closet. It's almost like he should be Lodge, but he's only run parallel to it as a human being.
Likewise, when it comes to the Lodge, BOB and the Man from Another Place/The Arm make a perfect red-blue pair. I noticed this especially in FWWM during the chaotic convenience store sequence. Given that during the night the sky can range from black as a cup of Coop's coffee to a Prussian shade, by following a Goethe color theory mindset, we can admit "Blue is a darkness weakened by light." BOB never comes off weak, but as a possessing spirit, for the viewer, his sudden appearances/reveals herald a (at times literal) spotlight into the black oil that is his essence (follow this link for a Youtube vid that informed some of my own theories). Goethe characterizes blue as common (think of country folk and bikers and truckers), as well as cold and melancholy, powerful. Red is much easier for The Arm; in addition to evoking the Christian iconography of a devilish imp figure, he is pure fire, the kind that truly walks with you (Goethe considers red as beautiful, dignified, closer to the essence of light; perhaps this echoes the Neoclassical Venus statue found often with Red Room curtains, or the red lipstick of the various beautiful women commonly prey to Twin Peaks).
BOB's always clad in blue denim to match The Arm's impish red suit. Noticeable since they remain the two most active agents as Lodge creatures, continuing the BOB/MIKE dualism that existed pre-show.
Given the only color left to throw in is white (HMM,, White Lodge? Sarah's pale horse? Leland's hair? The stuffed arctic fox in Ben's office? That weird long-faced elk thing at the Packard-Martell house? Pete and Coop enjoying/trying to order a mug of milk? The Tremond/Chalfont boy's white mask?) and you have the Star-Spangled Banner itself (the mini-flag at Twin Peaks Sheriff's office that flanks Coop while he's sitting across the table from Dr. Jacoby, as well as Coop's fixation on the full-sized incarnation while he's in the Bros. Fusco's office during his Dougie stint in The Return, are just two instances). Notable as a tri-color national aesthetic, red white & blue sometimes finds its way back in altered forms: straightforward visual representation with the Icelandic investors, as well as more tonally & artistically-derived influence from Lynch's favorite country (we'll forget the agonizing French hookup leaving scene from The Return and think more of Monica Bellucci's dream sequence, or Ben & Jerry orgasming over fresh baguettes with brie).
Great shot from Tim Hunter here.
Part 9, \"This is the chair.\" I remember this sequence being a spark of sorts, tantalizing to see Coop stir somewhat from his Dougie stupor.
While it should come as no surprise an American show would have many American-specific themes, I'm often convinced that Lynch is using the visual shorthand to simultaneously sing, criticize, celebrate, and reflect on what it means to be America. It is not coincidence that Dale Bartholomew Cooper's name reflects the notorious Pacific Northwest hijacker D.B. Cooper, or Harry Truman with the 33rd President (who, mind you, ordered the atomic bombs dropped in WWII). Or Franklin "Frank" Truman with the 32nd, for that matter. Coop openly ponders the Kennedy assassination (itself rife for conspiracy theories and speculation, much like TP) in a log to Diane, as well as Marilyn Monroe's involvement with the family; who else is Laura Palmer but a hometown Monroe?
Much like D.B. Cooper, Coop took a historic leap.
I would love to dig down deep and really review all of his work to understand more about Lynch's fixation on Lincoln (a portrait is in the Donna/James classroom when Laura's death is announced; a dramatic shot in Blue Velvet fixates on Lincoln Street which divides the town's good/bad parts & has an antagonist by the name of Booth; the "Gotta light?" Woodsman in The Return).
Now if someone could explain this connection... Dick says this right before the fire alarms go off and swamp Leland with water while BOB rams Leland's head in to break his last vessel and escape from justice.
Why Lincoln? I refer to it as The House Divided. Lincoln is one of the most recognizable presidents, partially due to his assassination (Kennedy echo), partially due to his role in the Civil War and how America resolved its most divisive internal conflict. He's emblematic of the Old America and the New America, slavery and post-slavery, secession and preservation. Somewhat like Republicans & Democrats, red v. blue. We know the toy Lincoln Logs, we hear the term Lincoln Lawyer, he's even one of the faces on Mt. Rushmore (referenced explicitly in The Return - "There they are Albert, faces of stone"- as well as compositionally in "Cooper's Dreams"); given the existence of both a Black Lodge and White Lodge in mythos, I think it's safe to draw at least some broad comparison to black America and white America (as well as Windom Earle's fetish for chess). Even as a goofier entry during Season 2's decaying period, Ben's mental lapse into General Robert E. Lee and fixation on the Civil War (mirroring Johnny Horne's fixation with the indigenous headdress and colonist America) gives some meat to this motif. Although it's never quite outright verbalized in show, one gets the sense that America is inherently built on some original sins. The water in the well was poisoned before the Trinity test
Notable too for the context of having Hawk (Nez Perce) included in this recreation. Mt. Rushmore was originally a sacred place for the Lakota Sioux; its present condition is considered desecration to their culture. America in its current incarnation was founded on the genocide and forced relocation of its indigenous peoples; Twin Peaks is loaded with Native American patterns and imagery, i.e. The Great Northern.
Note as well that red, by itself, can easily be tied to Twin Peaks's lifeforce, and by extension Lynch's entire repertoire. Fire. Red velvet curtains. Lipstick and nail polish. Blood. Pete's fisherman flannel. Audrey's heels, and her cherry trick. Norma's cherry pie. Log Lady's frames. "Let's rock" on Agent Desmond's car in FWWM. The women at One-Eye Jack's. The blooming roses peaking through white picket fences in Blue Velvet. The vast majority of neon signage (The Roadhouse especially). The traffic light at Sparkwood & 21. Leo's ostentatious Corvette. The lifeline zigzags on the high school walls. MIKE, in Philip Gerard, is fond of red tops, connecting him directly with The Arm. Much is made of Twin Peaks's proximity to Canada in the original series; the corrupt Mountie during the internal investigation arc stands out. The balloons at Dougie's corporate plaza. The Scarlet Letter. Lancelot Court, red door. Laura Palmer's Secret Diary.
Night time, my time. Red can be a carnal color, igniting passion, but also a warning to stop, turn back. Often we find it in the company of characters who have experienced a lot in Lynch's world, and not too much good.
And blue too. Blue is much more sparing in Twin Peaks, to greater mystical effect. Blue Rose. Laura's cold lips in the Pilot. Blue Velvet. Isabella Rossellini's dramatic eyeshadow as Dorothy Vallens. The waitress outfits at the Double R Diner. Leo's button-down when Shelly shoots him. The light in the morgue as Hawk tails Philip Gerard. The lifeline zigzags on hospital monitors (how they spike with Ronette, how they fall flat when Leland strangles Jacques). Ronette is swaddled in soft blue blankets during the S2 opener, her tilted head recalls Marian imagery (interesting from a Madonna-Whore complex standpoint); two episodes later her IV drip is tainted with blue dye, a visit from BOB. Maddie Ferguson's nightgown during her carpet-stain vision. Coop's iconic jammies. Rita's blue key & Betty's blue box in Mulholland Drive. The woman's hair at Club Silencio. Whenever television sets or camera footage shows up onscreen in Twin Peaks, there's a noticeable cool blue tint: think of that first tape, Laura & Donna dancing in the woods; the static showcased in the opening credits to FWWM; the footage of Coop gambling, obsessed over by Jean Renault. Gordon & Albert speaking together after meeting with Mr. C and watching Tammy walk away. Flashes of lightning. The sign at the Luna Lounge, where Fred Madison plays his discordant sax solo in Lost Highway.
Two dead girls wash up in the water. Calhoun Memorial's morgue stays bathed in blue light. Louise Bourgeois claimed it as hallmark, stating blue left behind \"the drabness of day-to-day reality\" for \"a world of freedom\", inner truths. BOB is certainly free.
Beyond red and blue, the colors I tend to notice in Twin Peaks are pink and green (notable for following a warm/cool polarization as well), which do not concern themselves to the same extent with Americana, if at all. Pink is much more sparse in its application, typically feminine: Nadine's prom dress during her suicide attempt in the S1 finale; Naido/Diane's bathrobe in The Return; the drapes behind the new One-Eyed Jack's girl Ben sleeps with in "Zen" (purposefully designed to evoke a vagina, in my opinion); fudging into purple, but we can count the Mauve Zone and Coop's run-in with Naido to an extent; Gersten Hayward's princess outfit during her piano performance for the Palmers; the trio of Candie, Mandie & Sandie; the gut-churning Pink Room sequence from FWWM with Laura & Donna.
Candie was a surprising standout for The Return. I felt these girls were a commentary on One-Eyed Jack's in the way the Mitchum Bros. were commentary on Ben & Jerry; where Ben & Jerry enjoyed public acceptance but indulged in dark secrets and ran through vulnerable sex workers, Bradley & Rodney have a dark reputation/entrance but ultimately possess hearts of gold, rescuing at-risk women like these three.
Green is more expansively utilized, and supernatural in tone: the billowing leaves of those Douglas firs in an ominous breeze; the iconic Twin Peaks font's outline; the guiding light we see through Dougie's eyes (which I assume has always been a part of Coop's psyche and intuition); Dougie's iconic oversized jacket; the infamous Owl Cave ring; the vintage lampshade adorning Ben's desk; the childhood bike Ben fondly recalls in The Return; the framed picture of the tall pine in the Sheriff's Department lobby; the tiny fir stuffed by the partition in the Palmer household; Jade & Emerald, even. Ben says to Leo, conspiring to burn the mill in "The One-Armed Man" - "Three nights, Leo. Green light." Something about it reminds me of Jay Gatsby's over-analyzed yearning green light from the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic; the idea of the American Dream with wanton capitalism, and how it's impossible to achieve (am I crazy for thinking there's a connection between Big Ed's Gas Farm's neon egg sign and the West Egg/East Egg class divide?).
Of course, the owls are watching. Much like the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg.
Ed's business harkens to how convenience stores (early-to-mid-century modernist American consumerism) were both the pumping blood and desiccated bone of our culture, as well as the Woodsmen womb. It also reminds me of old-style egg timers, and what is Twin Peaks but a show obsessed with the manipulation and perception of time? Was it the chicken or the egg that came first? Is it future or is it past?
By the time of The Return, we have lost these overly saturated tones, but the direct symbolic use of color is still integral to a Peaks viewing. I find it even more interesting that The Return made extensive use of black & white footage. Eraserhead and The Elephant Man alike (I've found both hold the spores for concepts and aesthetics fully developed in Lynch's later filmography, like the chevron Lodge floor pattern we all dearly love) were filmed in this manner; I feel Lynch chose this as nod to this earlier work, as well as the old formats of pre-color TV and film, like WWII newsreels. I find it relevant as well that older generations dream in black & white, a vanishing phenomenon which is directly related to the media of their era. B&W film informed the visual rhetoric of their unconscious minds; we, as younger Americans, dream in Technicolor.
This is the first shot we see of The Elephant Man. Notice how this is specifically his left arm, hand floating over the flame. Later in the film during a particularly moving sequence, Merrick first proves he is capable of speech for the first time by reciting the 23rd Psalm in a louder and louder tone, mirroring Annie Blackburn's prayers while Windom Earle led her bound into the Lodge.
The black & white sequences occur within the Lodge, relate directly to the Lodge - may Part 8 live forever in its atomic power - or otherwise involve unexplained phenomena (Cole's Monica Bellucci dream). By the time of The Return, a disconnect with the past and nostalgia is a core theme. The colors have faded. Coop, a half-baked shadow of himself, only gets restored by the chance mention of Gordon Cole's name in Sunset Blvd. Note Billy Wilder's 1950 film revolves around an aging actress lost in the reverie of her long-gone prime. (Also note her insistence, when William Holden's character asks her about the Salome film script, she's not conducting a "comeback" but a *return*; this, I feel, ties in as well to Major Briggs's underappreciated vision scene, emphasizing the idea of a return.) Although not shot in black & white, Pete, assisting Catherine as she tears apart their library, pauses for a moment during "The Last Evening" to linger on his high school yearbook. He's lost in the old pre-color photos, in the memory of Midge Jones, a man we never know. He's returned to a place in his youth, much like Garland's return to the gleaming, radiant marble of the fantastic palazzo in his S2 vision.
These two live in a retro-futurist Art Deco fever dream, accompanied the very appropriate Slow 30s Room soundtrack piece. Everything about the Fireman & Senorita Dido tells me of an America past its prime. I'm also convinced this was what Lynch envisioned for Briggs's palazzo; if only Don S. Davis was alive for The Return.
There's a plethora more I could get into, definitely for another thread: the preoccupation with trinities, animals, rings, technology, fine art references, and sonic elements are on my mind as well. I need to rewatch The Return again soon so more connections and thoughts are present. Let me know if you guys enjoyed this rambling mess!
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New Music Friday: March 6th, 2020

New Music Friday is a new weekly thread dedicated to chronicling all the Album/EP releases that came out this week. This is also a great place to discuss these albums, or bring to our attention other albums released this week.
Phantogram - Ceremony
Label: Republic Records
Genre: Electropop, Trip Hop, Art Pop
Caroline Rose - Superstar
Label: New West Records
Genre: Indie Pop, Synthpop, Synth Funk
U.S. Girls - Heavy Light
Label: 4AD
Genre: Art Pop, Pop Soul, Psychedelic Pop
Jonathan Wilson - Dixie Blur
Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
Genre: Singesongwriter, Americana, Soft Rock
Cassino - Yellowhammer
Label: Secret City Records
Genre: Indie Folk, Alt-Country
Space Camp - Overjoyed in This World
Label: Redscroll
Genre: Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore, Experimental Rock
Liz Pappademas - Rock Record
Label: self-released
Genre: Folk Rock, Singesongwriter
Sea Girls - Under Exit Lights (EP)
Label: Polydor
Genre: Indie Pop, Pop Rock
Down Time - Hurts Being Alive
Label: Twist & Shout
Genre: Folk Rock, Indie Rock
Medasin - RIPPLS
Label: self-released
Genre: Future Bass, Electronic
Luke Haines (The Auteurs/Black Box Recorder) & Peter Buck (REM) - Beat Poetry for Survivalists
Label: Cherry Red
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Stereo Honey - Ladders to the Sun (EP)
Label: LAB Records
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Metal Preyers - Metal Preyers
Label: Nyege Nyege Tapes
Genre: Electronic, Afrobeat
The Gloomies - Are We Getting Better?
Label: Gloomtones
Genre: Surf Rock, Surf Punk
Pantha Du Prince - Conference of Trees
Label: Modern Recordings
Genre: Microhouse, Minimal Techno
P.E. - Person
Label: Wharf Cat
Genre: Pop Punk, Art Punk
LEYA - Flood Dream
Label: NNA Tapes
Genre: Avant-Folk, Chamber Folk
Hot Mulligan - you’ll be fine
Label: No Sleep Records
Genre: Emo, Pop Punk
ROCH - Via Media
Label: self-released
Genre: Electropop, Snythpop
Ingrid and the Ministers - Kill the Sights
Label: Ingrid Saker
Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Folk Rock
Tricky - 20,20 (EP)
Label: False Idols
Genre: Trip Hop, Experimental Hip Hop
Islet - Eyelet
Label: Fire Records
Genre: Art Pop, Neo-Psychedelia
Gentle Stranger - Love and Unlearn
Label: PRAH Recordings
Genre: Experimental Electronic
Black Casino and the Ghost - Farewell Marshal Brunswick
Label: Lucky Machete
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Swamp Dogg - Sorry You Couldn't Make It
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Genre: Country Soul
Planet 1999 - Devotion (EP)
Label: PIAS Recordings
Genre: Synthpop, Dream Pop
snarls - Burst
Label: Take This To Heart
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Handle - In Threes
Label: Upset The Rhythm
Genre: Post-Punk, No Wave
Garcia Peoples - 10-10-2019 Nublu, NYC
Label: self-released
Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Don't - Lightning Slow
Label: self-released
Genre: Dreamy Life Records
Bleach Day - As If Always
Label: Birdwatcher Records
Genre: Art Rock, Lo-Fi Indie
Mosses - T.V. Sun
Label: Anyway Records
Genre: Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Folk
Nyxy Nyx - Spirit Exchange
Label: BLIGHT. Records
Genre: Lo-Fi Indie, Indie Rock
Jeanines - Things Change (EP)
Label: Where It's At Is Where You Are
Genre: Indie Pop, Jangle Pop
Honey Harper - Starmaker
Label: ATO Records
Genre: Alt-Country, Indie Folk
The Saxophones - Eternity Bay
Label: Full Time Hobby
Genre: Chamber Pop, Slowcore
Esmé Patterson - There Will Come Soft Rains
Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
Genre: Singesongwriter, Indie Rock
Thick - 5 Years Behind
Label: Epitaph Records
Genre: Garage Punk, Indie Rock
Bacchae - Pleasure Vision
Label: Get Better
Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock
R.A.P. Ferreira (milo) - Purple Moonlight Pages
Label: Ruby Yacht
Genre: Jazz Rap, Abstract Hip Hop
Worriers - You Or Someone You Know
Label: 6131 Records
Genre: Pop Punk, Power Pop
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Blue Moon Rising (EP)
Label: Sour Mash Records
Genre: Pop Rock, Neo-Psychedelia
Mystery Guest - Octagon City
Label: Tenth Court
Genre: Electronic, Pop
#1 Dads - Golden Repair
Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Pop
Cornershop - England is a Garden
Label: Ample Play
Genre: Indie Pop, Brit-Pop
Anna Calvi - Hunted
Label: Domino Recording Company
Genre: Art Rock, Singesongwriter
Overcoats - The Fight
Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Genre: Alternative R&B, Indietronica
Addy - Eclipse
Label: Topshelf Records
Genre: Indie Folk, Alt-Country
Disq - Collector
Label: Saddle Creek
Genre: Indie Rock
Nadia Reid - Out of My Province
Label: Spacebomb
Genre: Singesongwriter, Indie Folk
Stephen Malkmus - Traditional Techniques
Label: Matador Records
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Lauren Auder - two caves in (EP)
Label: True PantheHarvest Records
Genre: Art Pop, Ambient Pop
Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake
Label: Roc Nation
Genre: Trap, Pop Rap
Megan Thee Stallion - Suga
Label: 300
Genre: Trap, Southern Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop
NCT 127 - Neo Zone
Label: SM Entertainment
Genre: K-Pop, Contemporary R&B
Salt Ashes - counting crosses (EP)
Label: Radikal Records
Genre: Electropop
Lauv - ~how i'm feeling~
Label: AWAL
Genre: Electropop, Contemporary R&B
Mandy Moore - Silver Landings
Label: Verve Forecast Records
Genre: Pop Rock, Adult Contemporary
talker - Wax (EP)
Label: nOWtRecordings
Genre: Electronic, Techno
Jhené Aiko - Chilombo
Label: ArtClub/ARTium/Def Jam
Genre: Alternative R&B, Neo-Soul
Body Count - Carnivore
Label: Century Media Records
Genre: Crossover Thrash, Rap Metal
Psychonaut - Unfold the God Man
Label: Pelagic Records
Genre: Progressive Metal, Post-Metal
Silverstein - A Beautiful Place To Drown
Label: UNFD
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Pop Punk
My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Viscera - Obsidian
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore
Violet Cold - Noir Kid
Label: self-released
Genre: Blackgaze, Electronic, Trance Metal
Wake the Dead - Still Burning
Label: Shield Recordings
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock
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[US][SELLING]Many Individual Volumes of Manga/Anime [W]$2.75 each Paypal

Most of the manga are in the grade range of G2-G4. Some of the manga have parenthetical notes about their condition and are generally in G1-G3 condition. Ex-library manga are automatically G1 regardless of their condition. I'm selling these manga cheaply enough that I don't want to answer 20 questions about each book.
I also have a small amount of anime available for the same price. Anime are either new in shrinkwrap or used but tested. Each one is subtitled or dubbed in English. Some of them are numbered, while others aren't. I include the episode numbers when I think it will clarify things.
18+ manga (either non-yaoi or yaoi) is separated from the rest of the manga.
After we agree to what you're buying in the thread, I'll need you to PM me your email address. Then I'll send you a paypal invoice.

  1. Manga/anime cost $2.75 each.
  2. If you buy 5 or fewer manga, you must pay an additional $3.50 for shipping and handling.
  3. If you buy 6 or more manga, I will waive the shipping fee. As long as supplies last, I will add a free bonus manga sampler or graphic novel sampler.
  4. No international shipping.
  5. If you live in Pennsylvania, please tell me in your PM. I have to charge 7% sales tax. Because I live in Allegheny County, it's 7% regardless of which part of Pennsylvania you live in.

* Starred manga are larger than normal, which matters if your shelves only have so much space. Smaller manga are NOT starred.

Akihabara Geeks
Alien Nine Collector's Series
Angel Sanctuary Enhanced Edition
Angelic Layer: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Arc the Lad: 5 [episodes 17-21]
Armored Trooper VOTOMS [episodes 14-27]
Aura Battler Dunbine: 7 [episodes 26-29]
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: 1 [episodes 1-5]
Basilisk: 2 [episodes 5-8] (The box is kind of slanted.), 3 [episodes 9-12], 6 [episodes 21-24]
Beck Mongolian Chop Squad: 1 [episodes 1-5], 3 [episodes 11-14], 4 [episodes 15-18]
Black Jack episode 8
Casino Warrior Zero: 2 [episodes 5-8]
Corrector Yui [episodes 11-14]
Cyber City episode 2
Dangaizer 3: 1
DNA: 2 [episodes 4-6]
Ex-Driver: 1
Fairy Reins
Fight!! Spirit of the Sword
Final Fantasy Unlimited: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Fleet of Doom [Voltron movie]
Fruits Basket: 1 [episodes 1-6]
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: 2 [episodes 5-7], 4 [episodes 11-13]
Geneshaft: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Getter Robo Armageddon: Transfiguration
Godannar!!: 6 [episodes 21-23]
Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter
Green Green: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Grenadier: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Hades Project Zeorymer Extinction
Hammerboy Collector's Series
His and Her Circumstances: 4 [episodes 17-21]
Huntik: 1 [episodes 1-7]
I Shall Never Return
I'll/CKBC Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club [episodes 1-2]
Idol Project: 1 [episodes 1-2], 2 [episodes 3-4]
Initial D: 2 [episodes 4-6]
Jubei-Chan The Ninja Girl The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch Complete Series
Kodocha: 11 [episodes 41-44]
Magical Witch Punie-Chan
Mirage of Blaze: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Mushi-Shi The Movie [live action]
Noir: 1 [episodes 1-5]
Now and Then, Here and There: Bonus Disc
Oh My Goddess: 4 [episodes 15-18], 5 [episodes 19-22]
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
Orphen: 5 [episodes 15-19]
Otogi Zoshi: 1 [episodes 1-5]
Peach Girl: 1 [episodes 1-5], 6 [episodes 22-25]
Queen's Blade: 2 [episodes 5-8, OVA episodes 3-4]
Rahxephon: 2
Rave Master: 2 [episodes 3-5]
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3 [episodes 14-17], 5 [episodes 21-23], 8 [episodes 31-33] (medium rip in slip cover)
Robotech: 14 [episodes 80-85]
Sakura Wars The Movie
Samurai 7: 4 [episodes 13-16], 7 [episodes 24-26]
Samurai Jack The Premiere Movie
School Rumble: 6 [episodes 23-26]
Sentimental Journey [complete series, 2 dvds]
Seven of Seven: 1 [episodes 1-5], 2 [episodes 6-11]
Shadow Star Narutaru: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Shuffle!: 6 [episodes 21-24]
Slam Dunk: 3 [episodes 11-15]
SoltyRei: 1 [episodes 1-6]
The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear
The Goku Sen: 1 [episodes 1-5]
The Twelve Kingdoms: 2, 6
The Weathering Continent (warped front matter)
Trinity Blood: 2 [episodes 5-8], 3 [episodes 9-12]
Tsubasa: 3 [episodes 11-14], 5 [episodes 19-22], 6 [episodes 23-26], 9 [episodes 37-40]
URDA The Third Reich
Witchblade: 4
Ys: 2
Zone of the Enders Dolores, i: 4

18+ Manga: (non-yaoi; a couple are 16+, but in series that are usually 18+)
7th Garden: 6
Astral Project: 1
Battle Vixens: 1 (small rip)
Between The Sheets
Blade of the Immortal: 1*
Blood Sucker: 2, 4 (moderate shelfwear)
Blood the Last Vampire 2002* [one shot] (2: 1 with several small creases, 1 slightly bent at spine)
Category Freaks: 1 (2 copies, 1 pretty scuffed up)
Death At Death's Door: 1 (2 copies)
Dogs Prelude: 0*
Doll: 1 (hardback, moderate wear on slip cover), 3 (a couple small creases)
Flowers & Bees: 2
Happy Mania: 5, 8 (2 copies)
Hey Princess (small rip, spine stress)
High School of the Dead: 1
Jormungand: 4* (a page is ripped and creased)
Kami-kaze: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small rips), 4
Kannazuki No Miko: 1
Kikaider 02: 4
King of Wolves [one shot]
Maico 2010: 1 (2 copies, 1 with small rip), 4
Omamori Himari: 1, 4
Ooku The Inner Chambers: 5 (ex-library, dirty)
Orfina: 1*
Remote: 2, 3 (2 copies), 4 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Sacred: 1
Samurai Harem Asu No Yoichi: 2
Sensual Phrase: 1-2
Steel Angel Kurumi: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers, tiny stain)
Strawberry 100%: 9
Sword of the Dark Ones: 1
Sword's Edge: 1* (severe shelfwear, small stain, tiny stain, small rip)
Testarotho: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 4
The Dead Boy Detectives
The Young Magician: 1 (2 copies, 1 with slight-to-moderate yellowing), 3
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World: 2 (moderate shelfwear, several creases)
Tokko: 1 (moderate shelfwear, medium stain, slightly warped at 1 corner, creases/rips on spine, several small creases)
Tokyo Zombie*
Triage X: 1 (a couple large creases, small hole)
Warriors of Tao: 1 (2 copies, 1 slightly dirty)
Welcome to the N.H.K.: 2 (small stain, slightly warped at front of book, a couple small creases)
Yubisaki Milk Tea: 1 (slightly bent)

18+ Manga: (yaoi)
A Foreign Love Affair [one shot]
Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss* [one shot]
Barefoot Waltz* [one shot]
Because I'm a Boy [one shot]
Black Knight: 2 (moderate shelfwear)
...but, I'm Your Teacher [one shot]
Crazy Star* [one shot] (slightly bent)
Croquis [one shot] (sticker residue)
Dark Prince: 3
Delivery Cupid [one shot] (large crease)
Don't Be Cruel: 8
Don't Rush Love [one shot]
Don't Say Any More, Darling [one shot]
Duetto* [one shot]
Gerard & Jacques: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Hanky Panky [one shot]
Hero Heel: 1* (2 copies)
I Can't Stop Loving You: 1-2
Invisible Love* [one shot]
J-Boy: 1*
June Pride [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty)
Junior Escort* [one shot]
Just My Luck [one shot] (slightly dirty)
Kashinfu* [one shot]
Kiss All the Boys: 1 (multiple creases)
Little Butterfly: 2*
Love Circumstances [one shot]
Love Code* [one shot] (some browning on inside covers)
Love Pistols: 1
Lovers in the Night [one shot] (several small creases)
Loving Gaze* [one shot]
Man's Best Friend [one shot]
Meeting You [one shot]
Melted Love* [one shot]
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor [one shot]
Our Kingdom*: 5
Passion: 1*, 2*, 3*
Pet on Duty [one shot]
Picnic* [one shot]
Poison Cherry Drive [one shot] (slightly bent)
Sensitive Pornograph* [one shot]
Shining Moon* [one shot] (slight browning on inside covers)
Shinobu Kokoro [one shot]
Skyscrapers of Oz [one shot]
The Art of Loving: 1* (2 copies, 1 with tiny stain and a few wrinkles, 1 slightly warped)
The Crimson Spell: 1
The Devil's Secret [one shot]
The Moon and the Sandals: 1*, 2*
The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy [one shot]
The Sky Over My Spectacles [one shot]
The World's Greatest Love: 2 (slightly warped)
Thunderbolt Boys: 1
Truly Kindly [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, small rip/crease)
Waru* [one shot]
Wild Rock [one shot] (small rip)
Yaoi An Anthology of Boys Love Stories: 2
Yellow: 1* (slightly bent, moderate yellowing, slightly dirty)
Yokan: 1, 2 (slight browning on inside covers)
You Will Fall in Love [one shot] (small rip)

Regular Manga:
+Anima: 1 (medium crease, some writing), 2 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small rip), 3
07-Ghost: 1, 2 (ex-library, peeling plastic), 3-4, 6
10, 20, and 30: 1
13th Boy: 2* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
20th Century Boys: 4* (ex-library, somewhat dirty), 5* (ex-library, slightly dirty)
7 Billion Needles: 1 (slightly bent at spine)
9th Sleep* [one shot]
u/Large: 2
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: 2
A Midnight Opera: 1 (significant shelwear, medium rip), 2 (significant shelfwear)
A Perfect Day for Love Letters: 1
A Wise Man Sleeps: 2 (small rip)
Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade: 2
Absolute Boyfriend: 1-3
AI Love You: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3 (medium crease), 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 7 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
AI Revolution: 1
AI Yori Aoshi: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3-4
Aion: 1, 3
Airgear: 1 (moderate yellowing at edges of pages)
Aishiteruze Baby: 4
Alice 19th: 1-3, 5 (slightly bent), 6-7
Alice in the Country of Hearts: 1 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several tiny creases), 3
Alice on Deadlines: 1
Alichino: 1-3
Alien Nine: 1
Alive: 3 (ex-library)
Amazing Agent Luna: 1-2
Amnesia Labyrinth: 1
Amulet: 1*
Angel Cup: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 4 (moderate shelfwear)
Angel Diary: 4* (large crease), 6* (several small creases)
Angel Sanctuary: 1, 2 (back cover is scraped up), 3
Angel/Dust* [one shot]
Angel/Dust Neo* [one shot] (moderate shelfwear)
Angelboy: 1*
Angelic Layer: 1 (several small creases), 2, 4 (faded spine, moderate shelfwear)
Ani-lmo: 1, 5
Anne Freaks: 1-2, 4 (medium-to-large crease)
Antique Bakery: 1*, 3* (significant shelfwear, multiple creases, small stain, small rip)
Aoi House: 1
Aoi House in Love: 1 (some yellowing of inside cover), 2 (some yellowing of inside cover)
Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion: 1-3, 5
Arana The Heart of the Spider: 1
Arata the Legend: 5 (ex-library)
Arcana: 2
Archlord: 1 (ex-library)
Are You Alice?: 1 (ex-library, wavy, dirty, small rip, significant shelfwear)
Aria: 1
Aria: 2
Arisa: 1 (pretty creased up covers)
Ark Angels: 1-2
Armageddon: 1-2
Aron's Absurd Armada: 1* (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small rip)
Arpeggio of Blue Steel: 1
Artemis Fowl [one shot]*
Assembly [one shot]
Astro Boy: 1 (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing, several small creases, plastic peeling at edges of covers), 9 (moderate yellowing, medium crease)
Attack on Titan: 1, 13 (small-to-medium crease)
Avalon Hill Coronation: 1, 2, 3 (creases in both covers)
Avatar the Last Airbender: The Promise Part 2*
Avatar the Last Airbender Cine-manga: 1
Aventura: 1 (ex-library), 3
Azumanga Daioh: 1*
Baby Birth: 1-2
Babymouse: 12* (bent)
Backstage Prince: 1-2
Bad Kitty: 1
Bakegyamon: 4 (slightly bent), 5 (slightly bent)
Ballad of a Shinigami: 1
Bamboo Blade: 1-3, 6
Banya the Explosive Delivery Man: 2 (spine stress)
Battle Girlz: 2
B.B. Explosion: 4
Beast Master: 1
Beauty is the Best: 4 (ex-library), 5 (ex-library)
Beauty Pop: 2
Because I'm the Goddess: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Beet: 3 (several creases, tiny stain), 4 (medium rip, medium crease), 5 (bent at spine, multiple creases, couple small rips, back cover bent)
Beyblade: 2 (several small creases)
Beyond the Beyond: 1-2
Bird Kiss: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Bizenghast: 1-3
Bizenghast The Novel
Black Beauty* (ex-library?)
Black Bird: 1-2
Black Cat: 1 (a little plastic peeling at the edges of the covers), 2-3, 4 (writing/coloring, small-to-medium crease), 5 (medium crease, multiple small creases, 2 small rips), 18, 19
Black Sun Silver Moon: 1, 4
Blade of Heaven: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several small creases, small rip)
Blame: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several tiny creases, small rip)
Blank: 1 (spine stress)
Blank Slate: 1 (slight browning on inside covers)
Bleach: 1 (tiny stain), 2 (several small creases), 4 (small crease, medium gouge), 5 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 6, 7 (a few creases), 8 (slightly bent at spine, medium crease), 10-11, 14, 16, 19 (a couple creases), 20, 36 (ex-library, small stain, medium crease)
Blood Alone: 2, 3 (piece of tape or something in the middle of the book)
Bloody Kiss: 2
Bloody Monday: 3 (ex-library, large crease), 5 (ex-library)
Blue Exorcist: 1-2
Blue Inferior: 1
Blue Monday: The Kids Are Alright*
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing)
B.O.D.Y.: 2 (small rip)
Bogle: 1-2
Bombos Vs. Everything: 1
Bone: 1* (slightly bent at spine), 2*, 5* (slightly bent at spine, small rip)
Bound Beauty: 2 (ex-library, significant shelfwear)
Bow Wow Wata: 1
Boy Princess: 9
Boys Be: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2-3
Boys of Summer: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Brain Powered: 1 (several small creases), 3 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Bran Doll [one shot]
Brave* (stained at bottom of book, several creases)
Bride of the Water God: 1*
Brigadoon: 1 (moderate shelfwear, several creases), 2 (ex-library)
Bring it On!: 2*, 4*
Broken Angels: 1-2, 4 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Burst Angel: 2
Bus Gamer 1999-2001 The Pilot Edition (moderate shelfwear)
Buso Renkin: 1 (several creases, gouges, and the subscription card is cut out), 2 -3
Butterfly: 1
By the Sword: 1-2
Cactus's Secret: 1
Cafe Latte Rhapsody [one shot] (some plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Cafe Occult: 1-2
Calling You: 1 (medium cut through back cover and several pages)
Camp Midnight*
Can't Lose You: 1
Cantarella: 1
Captain Nemo: 1
Captive Hearts: 1 (bent), 2, 4 (small dent, medium crease), 5
Cardcaptor Sakura: 1 (ex-library), 3 [pocket edition], 5
Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (significant shelfwear, large crease, and 2 medium creases), 3, 6 (multiple creases, small dent)
Cardcaptors [cine-manga]: 6
Cardfight!! Vanguard: 2, 6 (last page stuck to back cover)
Case Closed: 1, 13 [hardback] (ex-library), 31 (ex-library, a couple small rips), 49 (ex-library)
Castle of Dreams [anthology] (moderate shelfwear, a couple small rips, slightly dirty)
Cat Paradise: 2 (light spine stress), 4 (small rip)
Central City: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Ceres Celestial Legend: 1, 2 (2 small rips), 3, 4* (medium-to-large crease), 5-6
Cheeky Angel: 1-2, 5 (some creasing in back cover)
Cherry Juice: 3 (several creases)
Chibi Vampire: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear), 6 (significant shelfwear), 12 (significant shelfwear, 2 small rips, slightly dirty)
Chobits: 1, 2 (light spine stress, a couple small creases, a few gouges), 3-5
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword: 1-2, 3, 5 (slightly bent), 6-13, 14 (small rip), 15
Chrono Crusade: 1, 7
Chunchu The Genocide Fiend: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (significant shelfwear)
Cirque Du Freak: 1 [Special Scholastic Edition], 8 (ex-library)
Clamp School Defenders Duklyon: 1 (medium stain)
Clamp School Detectives: 1 (several tiny creases, plastic starting to peel at edges of covers)
Clan of the Nakagamis*
Clay: 1
Claymore: 1 (ex-library)
Clean-Freak Fully Equipped: 1
Click: 1
Club 9: 1* (creases, slightly dirty)
Code Breaker: 2
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: 1
Cold Mountain*
Colosseum: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Comic: 4* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Comic Party: 1, 4
Comic Party Another Round: 2 (slightly bent)
Comic Party Party Time: 1
Complex Age: 1* (small rip, small wrinkles in spine)
Confessions of a Blabbermouth* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Confidential Confessions: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Confidential Confessions Deal: 1
Corrector Yui: 1
Countdown 7 Days: 1
Courtney Crumrin: 1*
Cowboy Bebop: 1 (moderate shelfwear, tiny stain)
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star: 1
Crazy Love Story: 4 (ex-library, significant shelfwear, creases)
Crescent Moon: 1 (significant wear, creases, and rips), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (small rip)
Crimson Hero: 3
Croquis Pop: 4 (ex-library)
Cross: 1
Cross Break: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Crossroad: 3, 6
Crown: 1, 2 (slightly bent)
Culdcept: 1, 2 (rip/dent in the bottom of the book), 3-4
Cy-Believers: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3
D. Gray-Man: 1 (slightly bent at spine, several small gouges, several small creases), 2 (small rip), 10
Daemonium: 1
Daniel X: 1* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Dark Angel: 1 (creases in covers), 3
Dark Edge: 8
Dark Goodbye: 1 (couple small creases)
Dark Metro: 1 (small rip)
Dark Moon Diary: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Dawn of the Arcana: 5 (ex-library), 11 (ex-library)
Dazzle: 1-3, 6 (2 medium creases)
Dead End: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip), 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Deadman Wonderland: 1
Dear Myself* [one shot]
DearS: 1 (small rip), 2, 4
Death Jam: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear, 2 large stains, slightly warped at back of book), 3
Death Note: 1
Degrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit: 3-4
Delicious Seasons: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Deltora Quest: 6 (large crease)
Demon City Shinjuku: 1
Demon Diary: 1-3, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5, 6 (wrinkles in spine)
Demon Flowers: 3
Demon Love Spell: 1, 6
Demon Sacred: 1 (small rip), 2
Descendants of Darkness: 4
Desert Coral: 1-2
Destiny's Hand: 1
Detective Jermain: 1 (ex-library, slightly bent)
Deus Vitae: 1-2
Devil Survivor: 1 (ex-library, several creases), 2
Devil's Bride: 1
Devils and Realist: 1-2
Di Gi Charat: 1-2, 3 (gray line on cover)
Di Gi Charat Theater Leave it to Piyoko: 1
Digiko's Champion Cup Theater (smudges/fading on back cover)
Dimension W: 1, 5, 7
Disgaea 2: 1
Disney Fairies: Vidia and the Fairy Crown (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Divine Melody: 1* (very bent, slightly dirty)
DNAgents: 1*
DNAngel: 1-3, 4 (ex-library, significant shelfwear), 5-6, 10-11
Do Whatever You Want: 2
Dobeki Bride: 5
Dogby Walks Alone: 1
Dojin Work: 1
Dokkoida?:: 1
Dolls: 1
Doubt!!: 1 (wrinkled plastic), 2, 4
Dragon Ball: 4
Dragon Ball Z: 1 (a few small rips), 2 (small stain, a couple small creases)
Dragon Drive: 1
Dragon Eye: 4
Dragon Hunter: 1-5
Dragon Knights: 1-7
Dragon Voice: 1
Dramacon: 1-3
Dream Gold Knights in the Dark City: 1
Dream Saga: 3 (significant shelfwear, many creases, 2 small rips)
DVD: 1 (small rip, dent, and crease in front cover), 2
E's: 1-3, 4 (2 medium-to-large creases, 2 small rips)
Earthlight: 1 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear)
East Coast Rising: 1
Eensy Weensy Monster: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Eerie Queerie: 1-2, 3 (ex-library)
El Deafo* (small rip)
Element Line: 1-2, 4
Elemental Gelade: 1 (moderate shelfwear, some writing), 8
Elf Quest The Grand Quest: 1, 5 (ex-library, small stain, peeling plastic, creases), 6
Emma: 3 (ex-library, moderate yellowing, small rip), 5 (ex-library, medium and 2 small stains)
Emperor's Castle: 1
Enchanter: 1*, 2*
Enmusu: 1
ES Eternal Sabbath: 1, 3
Et Cetera: 1-5
Eureka Seven: 1 (slightly dirty), 5 (slightly dirty)
Evil's Return: 1-2
Evyione Ocean Fantasy: 1* (slightly bent)
Excel Saga: 1 (tape on corners of covers), 2-3, 4 (small-to-medium crease)
Eyeshield 21: 6 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 11 (major crease), 18 (medium stain, slightly warped), 19 (tiny rip)
Faeries' Landing: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfewear), 5-7
Fairy Cube: 1 (many dog-eared pages), 3
Fairy Navigator Runa: 1 (ex-library, slight browning on inside covers, slightly dirty)
Fairy Tail: 1 (large crease), 52 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, creases)
Fake: 3, 4 (laminated covers), 6
Fall in Love Like a Comic: 1 (slight yellowing on inside covers), 2 (slight yellowing on inside covers)
Figure 17: 1 (ex-library), 2
Final Fantasy Type-0 [Loot Crate Exclusive]
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story The Ice Reaper: 1
Firefighter! Diego of Fire Company M: 10, 14
First Love Monster: 7
Flame of Recca: 1 (a couple small rips), 2
FLCL: 1 (slightly dirty, a couple tiny creases), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Flock of Angels: 1 (small dent in spine)
Flower of the Deep Sleep: 1 (noticeable spine stress), 2
Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll: 2, 4
Fool's Gold: 1
Forbidden Dance: 1-3
Forbidden Scrollery: 1*
Forget About Love: 1
Formera: 1* (ex-library, bent at spine, several creases, several small rips)
Four-Eyed Prince: 2
Foxy Lady: 1
Freak Legend of the Nonblondes: 1
Free Collars Kingdom: 1
Free Runners: 1 (slight browning on inside covers)
From Far Away: 2 (spine stress)
Fruits Basket:1 (slightly bent at spine), 2 (slightly bent at spine), 4 (slightly warped at back of book, moderate shelfwear, medium crease), 6, 9
Fubar: 6*
Fujoshi Rumi: 1
Full House: 3
Full Metal Panic Overload: 1 (plastic starting to peel on front cover), 3, 5
Full Metal Panic!: 1 (moderate yellowing, small stain, dirty, a little plastic peeling on covers)
Full Moon: 1
Fullmetal Alchemist: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers), 2, 4 (several creases), 5 (large crease), 9, 11 (slightly bent at spine)
Fullmetal Alchemist [Light Novels]: 1 (slightly dirty)
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden: 1, 4 (medium crease)
Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play: 1, 2 (slightly dirty), 3* (bent at spine, medium stain), 5*, 6*, 8* (multiple creases), 10 (ex-library, staples, creases, shelfwear), 11 (ex-library, slightly bent at spine, several creases), 12 (bent), 13 (ex-library, several creases)
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class: 1*
Gaba Kawa (front 10% of book is "wavy" from water damage)
Gacha Gacha: 1-3
Gakuen Alice: 1, 11, 15
Gakuen Prince: 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Galaxy Angel: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (significant spine stress and small rip in spine)
Galaxy Angel Beta: 1 (ex-library with creases)
Gamerz Heaven: 1-2
Garden Dreams: 1* (slightly bent)
Gatcha Gacha: 1-2
Gate [by Hirotaka Kisaragi]: 1
Gate Keepers: 1-2
Genshiken: 1, 3, 7 (wavy at back of book)
Gestalt: 1, 5
Get Backers: 1 (significant creasing in both covers), 2-3, 5
Ghosts* [one shot] (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small creases, slightly dirty)
Gimmick!: 4
Gin Tama: 4 (slight yellowing)
Girl Got Game: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2, 3
Girls Bravo: 2, 7 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, multiple creases, corners of covers are coming apart)
Glass Wings [one shot]
Go West: 1
Godchild: 1-3
Gon: 5 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, ex-library)
Good as Lily* (moderate shelfwear)
Good Luck: 1, 2 (spine stress)
Goong the Royal Palace: 1* (ex-library, creases, peeling plastic on covers)
Gorgeous Carat: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4 (slightly bent)
Gothic Sports: 1 (moderate shelfewar, small-to-medium piece ripped off back cover), 2
Grand Guignol Orchestra: 1, 2 (tiny stain)
Gravitation: 1-3, 5 (moderate shelfwear, medium crease)
Gravitation Voice of Temptation [light novel] (moderate shelfwear)
GTO Great Teacher Onizuka: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Guardian Angel Getten: 3-4
Guardian Hearts: 1
Gunparade March: 1-3
Gunslinger Girl: 1-3
Guru Guru Pon-Chan: 1-2, 8 (ex-library)
Gyakushu!: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
.hack Legend of the The Twilight: 1-3
Haibane Renmei: 1
Haiyuki: 1
Hana-kimi: 1-3, 4 (several creases), 6-11
Hanami International Love Story: 1
Hanaukyo Maid Team: 1-3 [All of these are a slightly smaller size than normal]
Hand of the Morningstar: 5
Hands Off!: 1, 2 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear on spine), 3, 7 (ex-library, significant shelfwear, many creases, small pieces ripped off corners of pages)
Hannah Montana Secrets and Super Sneaks Cine-Manga (significant shelfwear, small creases)
Happy Cafe: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Happy Happy Clover: 1, 3
Happy Hustle High: 1-4, 5 (several small creases)
Happy Lesson: 1
Harlequin Violet Blind Date
Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time: 1, 2 (slight browning on inside covers)
Harukaze Bitter Bop: 1
Haunted House [one shot] (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Hayate the Combat Butler: 1 (ex-library, peeling plastic, several creases), 2, 16
Hayate X Blade: 4-5
He Is My Master: 1
He's My Only Vampire: 10 (slightly bent)
Heaven's Will [one shot]
Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo: 2
Hellgate London: 1 (tiny stain on 1 page)
Hellsing: 3 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases)
Her Majesty's Dog: 1 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing, several small creases, small rip)
Here is Greenwood: 2 (bent at spine), 3 (small rip), 4
Hero Tales: 2, 5 (ex-library, faded spine, slightly bent at spine)
Heroman: 3
Hetalia: 1* (bent at spine)
Hibiki's Magic: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2
High School Debut: 1, 7 (moderate yellowing, medium crease)
High School Girls: 1, 3
Higurashi When They Cry Abducted By Demons Arc: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Hikarou No Go: 1-2, 7 (ex-library), 19 (ex-library), 21 (ex-library)
Hikkatsu: 2 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear)
Hinadori Girl: 1
Hissing: 1* (smudges), 2* (dirty), 5*
Hollow Fields: 1-2
Honey and Clover: 5 (ex-library), 9 (ex-library, browning on inside covers)
Honey Hunt: 1 (slight browning of inside covers), 2
Honey Mustard: 1 (medium crease in back cover), 2-3
Hopeless Savages: 1* (ex-library, large crease, medium crease), 3* (ex-library, significant shelfwear, medium-to-large crease, medium rip taped together)
Hoshin Engi: 1
Hot Gimmick: 1-9, 12 (tiny stain)
House of Five Leaves: 8* (ex-library)
Howl's Moving Castle: 1
Hybrid Child* [one shot]
Hyde Closer: 1-3
Hyper Dolls: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Hyper Police: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Hyper Rune: 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
I Am Princess X [Light Novel] (moderate shelfwear, many creases)
I Hate You More Than Anyone!: 6 (slightly bent)
I Luv Halloween: 1-2
I"s:2 (medium-to-large crease), 14
I"s:1, 2 (medium stain), 3, 7, 10, 12
I, Otaku Struggle in Akihabara: 1 (slightly brown inside covers), 2 (slightly brown inside covers)
I-Doll: 1
Ichiroh!: 1*
Id_entity: 1 (small rip, moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3-6
Il Gatto Sul G: 2*
Imadoki!: 1 (several creases), 2, 3-5
Immortal Rain: 1, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, slight yellowing), 4 (slight yellowing)
Imperfect Hero: 1, 3 (moderate yellowing)
In Dream World: 1-2
Indian Summer: 1
Initial D: 19 (ex-library, significant shelfwear, dirty)
Innocent W: 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Instant Teen: 1
Insufficient Direction [one shot]*
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs: 1 (ex-library, several small/medium creases)
Inukami: 1
Inuyasha: 1 (large crease), 2 (moderate yellowing), 3, 5-6, 13-18, 19 (several small creases), 43 (ex-library)
Inuyasha Ani-Manga: 3, 10 (slightly bent at one corner, a couple slightly dirty pages), 14 (a couple slightly dirty pages)
INVU: 1-3, 4 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear)
Itsuwaribito: 1-2
Jack Frost: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Jim Henson's Legends of the Dark Crystal: 1
Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth: 1
Jing King of Bandits: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear, several small rips), 3 (significant shelfwear, multiple creases, dirty, small rip)
Jinki Extend: 1-2
Jiu Jiu: 1
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: 7 (several creases)
Juline: 1* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Junk Force: 1-2, 3 (medium crease, shelfwear at top and bottom of spine, slightly bent at one corner)
Junk Record of the Last Hero: 1, 5, 7
Juror 13 [one shot]
Just a Girl: 2
K-on: 4* (ex-library, significant shelfwear, bent at spine, several creases, small rip)
Kagerou-Nostalgia: 1 (small gouges in front cover)
Kagetora: 1, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 3 (ex-library)
Kamen Tantei: 1, 3 (ex-library, creases, medium stain)
Kamichama Karin: 1 (warped, moderate shelfwear, tiny stain), 2, 3 (several creases), 4 (significant shelfwear, several creases), 5 (several small creases), 6 (moderate shelfwear), 7 (small rip)
Kamichama Karin Chu: 1
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: 1, 4 (tiny stain), 5 [hardback] (ex-library), 6
Kamui: 1-2, 6 (slightly bent)
Kanna: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Kanpai: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small crease)
Karakuri Odette: 2 (ex-library), 6 (ex-library)
Kare First Love: 1-4, 8
Kare Kano: 3 (spine stress), 4 (large stain, moderate shelfwear, small rip), 5
Kashimashi: 1, 2 (2 large creases)
Kasumi: 1 (multiple small creases), 2 (marker)
Kat & Mouse: 1
Kaze Hikaru: 1, 10
Kedamono Damono: 2-3
Kekkaishi: 1 (small stain)
Key Princess Story Eternal Alice Rondo: 1-2
Kids Joker: 1
Kieli: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Kill Me, Kiss Me: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, several creases), 5 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Kim Possible: 3
Kimi ni Todoke: 10 (ex-library, slightly bent at spine)
Kimikiss: 1
King of Cards: 1
King of Hell: 1-2, 5 (significant shelfwear, small stain, small rip)
King of RPGs: 2
King of the Lamp [one shot] (medium hole in front cover, small holes in first 22 pages - barely affects reading)
King of Thorn: 2 (ex-library)
Kingdom Hearts: 1 (medium crease), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, small piece ripped off spine)
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: 1 (significant shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small creases)
Kingdom Hearts II: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (slightly bent at spine, moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Kissing* [one shot]
Kitchen Princess: 1
Kodocha: 1
Koihime Soushi [one shot]
Kokoro Connect: 2
Kon Kon Kokon: 1
Kujibiki Unbalance: 1
Kurogane: 2 (moderate yellowing)
Kurogane Communication: 1
Kurozakuro: 2
Kyo Kara Maoh!: 1(warped, moderate shelfwear), 2, 3 (large but mostly invisible crease), 4 (moderate shelfwear)
La Corda d'Oro: 1, 6 (ex-library, slight-to-moderate yellowing)
La Esperanca: 1*
Laddertop: 1
Lagoon Engine: 1-2, 3 (small rip and small crease in front cover)
Lament of the Lamb: 1, 3 (moderate yellowing at edges)
Land of Silver Rain: 3 (slightly dirty, small crease), 7
Last Fantasy: 3-4
Last Hope: 1-2
Laya the Witch of Red Pooh: 1
LBX Little Battlers Experience: 6 (ex-library)
LDK: 1-2
Leader's High!: 1
Legal Drug: 1, 3 (large crease, small crease)
Legend: 1*, 3* (moderate shelfwear), 6*
Legend of Chun Hyang [one shot]
Legend of the Eight Dragon Gods: 1 (small rip in front cover)
Let's Dance a Waltz: 1 (ex-library, small rip, multiple small creases)
Liberty Liberty! [one shot]
Library Wars: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Life: 1 (several small creases)
Lights out: 1
Liling-Po: 1-3, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (ex-library, several tiny rips)
Limit: 1
Little Queen: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Lizzie McGuire Cine-manga: 6
Lost at Sea*
Lost Boys* [one shot]
Louie the Rune Soldier: 1 (2 small stains)
Love Attack: 1-2, 5-6
Love Com: 1, 3 (slight browning on inside covers), 5 (moderate browning on inside covers, some wrinkles in cover), 7, 16 (ex-library), 17 (ex-library)
Love Hina: 1-2, 3 (bent), 4, 5 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 6 (tiny stain), 9 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear), 14
Love Master A: 1
Love or Money: 1-2, 3 (small rip in front cover)
Love Roma: 1, 4, 5 (ex-library)
Loveholic: 1
Loveless: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing, medium crease), 4 [hardback] (ex-library), 5
Lucky Star: 1* (small stain, moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 3* (small stain, front of book is warped)
Made in Heaven: 1-2
Magic Knight Rayearth: 1 (small-to-medium crease, slightly dirty)
Magical JxR: 2* (moderate shelfwear, several small creases, small rip), 3* (large crease, small rip)
Magical X Miracle: 1-2
Mahoromomatic: 1 (moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty), 2 (a couple small creases), 3 (several small creases), 4
Maid Sama!: 3 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Maid Shokun: 1
Maid War Chronicle: 1
Maison Ikkoku: 1-4
Manga Dogs: 1
Maniac Road: 1
Maoh Juvenile Remix: 2
MAR Marchen Awakens Romance: 1-2
March on Earth: 1
Maria Holic: 1-2, 3 (significant creasing, moderate shelfwear), 4
Maria the Virgin Witch: 2-3
Marilyn the Story of a Woman* (medium stain, many creases, corners of covers coming apart)
Mark of the Succubus: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (small rip)
Marmalade Boy: 1-2
Mars: 6, 7 (moderate shelfwear)
Masca: 1
Maus: 1* (small rip), 2* (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
MBQ: 1
Me & My Brothers: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip, tiny creases), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 5 (moderate shelfwear)
Megatokyo: 1-4, 5 (small stain)
Menkui!: 1
MeruPuri: 1, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 4
Metamo Kiss: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Metro Survive: 2*
Midori Days: 5
Mikansei No. 1: 1-2
Miki Falls: 1 (small wavy spot, large creases, small rip, moderate shelfwear)
Millennium Snow: 1-2
Million Tears: 1 (medium stain, moderate shelfwear)
Minima: 1
Mink: 2, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (significant shelfwear, bent at one corner, creases, small rips)
Miracle Girls: 3, 6
Missile Happy: 3 (small rip in spine)
Missing Kamikakushi No Monogatari: 1
Missions of Love: 10 (ex-library)
Mixed Vegetables: 2 (slightly bent, moderate browning of inside covers, large crease), 5 (moderate browning of inside covers), 8 (ex-library, large crease)
Mobile Fighter Gundam: 1 (slightly bent at spine, small rip)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: 2
Model: 1 (moderate shelfwear, wrinkles in spine), 2-5, 7 (moderate shelfwear, small rip, medium crease)
Momogumi Plus Senki: 3, 4 (ex-library)
Monkey High: 2
Monster Hunter Orage: 3
Monster Soul: 2
Moonlight Meow: 1 (slight yellowing of inside covers)
Mouryou Kiden: 2 (1 large crease, several smaller creases, and a little dirty)
Mouryoukiden Legend of the Nymph: 1-3
Moyasimon: 1
Mugen Spiral: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation: 1 (several tiny stains), 12 (ex-library, 2 medium creases), 14 (ex-library)
My Dead Girlfriend: 1 (significant shelfwear)
My Dearest Devil Princess: 1
My Girlfriend's a Geek: 1-2
My Heavenly Hockey Club: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3, 6 (moderate shelfwear)
My Love Story!!: 2
My Neighbor Totoro: 3-4
Nabari No Ou: 1, 4 (ex-library)
Nabi the Prototype [one shot] (slightly bent, moderate shelfwear)
Nadesico: 1
Najica Blitz Tactics: 1-3
Nana: 1 (stain on back cover), 21 (ex-library)
NaNaNaNa: 1 (bent at one corner, small-to-medium stain)
Naruto: 1 (tiny stain), 2, 3 (slightly dirty), 4, 6, 7 (slightly bent at spine), 18 (bent), 21 (large crease, wrinkled plastic on spine), 27, 28 (tiny stain), 30, 40 (slightly bent, several tiny stains, a couple small creases), 43, 44 (slightly bent)
Naruto The Movie Legend of the Stone of Gelel (gouges and pinhole in back cover)
Neck and Neck: 1-2
Negima: 1, 2 (medium stain, slightly warped), 3-7
Neko Ramen: 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2 (bent, multiple small creases), 11 (ex-library)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Neotopia: 1 (has staples)
Never Give Up: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Ng Life: 1-2, 4 (ex-library)
Night Head Genesis: 1
Night of the Beasts: 1 (significant shelfwear)
Nightschool: 1*
Ninja Girls: 1
Nisekoi: 1
No Man's Land: 1-2
No Need for Tenchi: 1-2
Nodame Cantabile: 1, 2 (tiny stain), 5 (tiny stain)
Noodle Fighter Miki: 1
Nora: 1-3
Nosatsu Junkie: 1-3
Now: 1-3, 4 (2 large creases), 5 (ex-library, very dirty, small stain, slightly wavy at back, 2 small rips)
Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan: 1-2
Ocean of Secrets: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Odd is On Our Side (ex-library, moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small creases)
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakasi: 6
Off Beat: 1-2
Oh My God!: 1-2
Oh My Goddess!: 3 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 9*
Omukae Desu: 1 (small rip in spine)
On the Books* (small piece ripped off back cover and 1 page)
Once in a Blue Moon: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
One: 1-2, 7
One Piece: 1 (small rip), 2, 5 (2 medium stains, moderate yellowing, several creases), 21
One Thousand and One Nights: 1
Onegai Twins: 2 [light novel]
Only the Ring Finger Knows* (wrinkles in spine)
Orange Planet: 1
Oresama Teacher: 7, 13
Orphen: 2, 3 (some creasing in back cover), 4, 6
Otazine Manga of Otaku Generation: 0 (large crease, small rip)
Othello: 1-2
Otogi Zoshi: 1-2
Otomen: 1, 10 (ex-library), 15 (ex-library), 16 (ex-library)
Our Kingdom: 1*, 3*, 4*
Ouran High School Host Club: 1
Outlaws of the Marsh: 6
Oyayubihime Infinity: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Pandora Hearts: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4
Pandora Hearts Caucus Race [light novel]: 2 (ex-library)
Pandora in the Crimson Shell: 2-3
Pantheon High: 1 (large crease, writing on 1 page)
Para Para* [one shot] (medium crease, a few folded pages)
Paradise Kiss: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4-5
Pastel: 1-3
Pavane for a Dead Girl: 1
Peace Maker: 1-2
Peacemaker Kurogane: 1 (slightly dirty, 2-3
Peach Fuzz: 1-2
Peach Girl: 1-2, 3 [pocket size], 4 [pocket size], 5 [pocket size], 6, 8 [pocket size]
Peach Girl Change of Heart: 2, 7-9
Peach Girl Sae's Story: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Pearl Pink: 1-3
Peigenz: 3
Penguin Revolution: 1 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, multiple creases), 2-6
Peppermint: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2, 4
Persepolis 2*
Phantom Dream: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear, tiny stain), 4 (ex-library), 5 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases)
Phantom Tales of the NIght: 1* (slightly bent, back cover is very dirty, several large creases)
Phantom Thief Jeanne: 1
PHD Phantasy Degree: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4-5
Pichi Pichi Pitch: 2, 4, 5 (wrinkles in spine)
Pick of the Litter: 1 (multiple creases in both covers)
Pieces of a Spiral: 1, 4 (tiny stain), 7
Pig Bride: 2*
Pilgrim Jager: 1
Pink Innocent: 2
Pita-Ten: 1 (slightly scraped up), 2-4
Pixie Pop: 1
Planet Ladder: 1, 2 (slightly bent), 3-5
Platinum Garden: 1-2, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 6 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Pokemon Adventures: 3 (slightly bent at spine)
Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum: 1, 3
Pokemon Adventures HeartGold and SoulSilver: 1
Pokemon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire: 17 (slightly bent at spine), 21, 22 (a couple small creases)
Pokemon Black and White: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure: 1 (a couple small creases), 2 (medium stain, small stain, and a several small creases), 4, 5 (several tiny creases), 8 (slightly bent at spine, tiny stain, large crease, several small creases)
Pokemon The Movie Kyurem Vs. The Sword of Justice [one shot]
Pop Japan Travel - Essential Otaku Guide [one shot]
Popo Can: 1
President Dad: 1, 2 (ex-library, plastic book cover, medium crease), 3, 4 (ex-library, plastic book cover, several creases), 6 (ex-library)
Pretear The New Legend of Snow White: 2, 3 (a couple creases, plastic peeling at edges of covers)
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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 2019 - YouTube 50 Rock Riffs! - Epiphone Dot Cherry (ES-335) Demo - YouTube Las Vegas Real Estate  * 702-592-8207*  Luxury Homes Red ... RED WARRIORS CASINO DRIVE POP HILL '88 - YouTube K.T. Tunstall - Big Win At Red Rock! Then, Highest I've Ever Played ... RED WARRIORS ☆ バラとワイン - Wine & Roses #2(Club Version ... WILD CHERRY - Red Warriors (Guitar cover) - YouTube Club Cherry in Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on 03-28-2009 3345 Turtle Head Peak Drive in Red Rock Country Club - YouTube

Cherry at Red Rock Casino is probably one of the best clubs in Vegas. However, it’s not located on the Strip. Although many may think this is an inconvenience, this is the exact reason Cherry is so popular. People are tired of the Strip and want to go somewhere different. That somewhere is Cherry nightclub. The entire club is really shaped like a Cherry. Walk through the shining entryway ... Red Rock Casino Club Cherry, solvang casino address, blackjack beatable, bally em slot parts. Start Playing on Diamond 7 Casino read review-€200. 100. Wager. Over 1300 Casino Games; Live Casino Games; Fast Payout; Tickety Bingo 29 Spins & 58 Free Bingo Tickets promo code-Prev Next- permanent Wager: 50x Min deposit: £20. Free Spins. 0. 10 Free Spins Bonus on God’s Temple. Roulette. 776 ... Cherry Spiele sind für die Nutzung auf Mobilgeräten optimiert. Steigere deine Chancen und genieße unterwegs die besten mobilen Spiele! Die etablierte und renommierte Marke Cherry bietet ihren Spielern eine kreative und innovative Form der Unterhaltung: Als vorausdenkende Marke haben wir Anfang der 2000er-Jahre einen reibungslosen Übergang in den Online-Bereich vollzogen und sind seitdem ... The Cherry Pool at Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa . By Xania Woodman. Monday, March 8, 2010 5:05 p.m. Formerly the Cherry Pool, the Red Rock Cabana Club will resume operations next to the ... Nightlife news coming out of Red Rock Resort* this week: Beginning on May 25, Cherry Nightclub will reopen on Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm. The club, formerly a Summerlin locals hangout, closed ... Red Rock Casino 11011 W Charleston Blvd Terra Rossa 11011 W Charleston Blvd (Red Rock Casino Resort Spa) United States » Nevada » Clark County » Las Vegas » Red Rock Whatever your casino gaming pleasure is, you’ll be able to satisfy it with the reputable casinos presented Red Rock Casino Club Cherry here. Take advantage of every bonus to which you’re entitled to augment your bankroll before you begin playing. Gamble Responsibly Play Slotomania -Giants Gold. Percentage. 70. CasinoCruise - Monthly Splash Bonus Our Expert. £100 Bonus ... With an unrivaled aesthetic and attention-to-detail apparent at every turn, Red Rock offers a refined resort experience—all amongst Las Vegas’ most striking setting. From award-winning accommodations to service as unwavering as the neighboring sandstone canyons, welcome to a casino experience, redefined. Welcome to Red Rock Resort. The Cherry Red Rock Resort Club is already becoming a favorite new hangout for young singles on the Vegas nightlife circuit and it is surely one of the hottest clubs found off of the Vegas Strip. The Red Rock Casino Resort has earned some honors in the recent past, so if you are considering Las Vegas hotels or Las Vegas casinos that have plenty to offer, you might add it to list of places to ... Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Las Vegas Picture: Entrance to Cherry Lounge - Check out Tripadvisor members' 69,161 candid photos and videos of Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 2019 - YouTube

3年ぶりの投稿 耳コピです ギターはビルローレンスですが、コイルが切れてしまったので、この動画からピックアップはセイモアダンカンの APTL-1 ... First we go through the session of 2/5 I played on September 4th and get into some big pots! At the end we go through the session of 10/20/40/80 I played on ... This video is taken in club Cherry on Friday night, pass midnight - March 28th, 2009. It was a Birthday party for my friend Boyko, who became 26! We had a table and bottle service and I took this ... Best Epiphone - The Dot (ES-335) Cherry demo. Stock pickups, actually the only things changed on the guitar are the knobs, I put in a TUSQ nut and took the ... 説明 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Welcome to the ideal one-story home situated on a huge private lot, fronting onto the eleventh tee of the private Mountain Course in renowned Red Rock Countr... Colin and I took a tour around The Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas on Feb, 7 2019. If you make it to the end you will see a glimpse of AVN with Craig and I. Sorry... Shirley Brass shares a short community video of Red Rock Country Club here in Las Vegas Nevada! To view additional listings of homes for sale http://www.shir... K.T. Tunstall performs "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" at Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas